At 23:43, Scott—still unsure who his ships were firing at, and afraid that they might be firing on his own destroyers—ordered a ceasefire at 23:47, although not every ship complied. Approaching Cape Hunter on the northwest corner of Guadalcanal, Hall, flying his flag from The American formation was beginning to scatter, so Scott ordered a turn to 205° to disengage.During the battle between Scott's and Gotō's ships, Jojima's reinforcement group completed unloading at Guadalcanal and began its return journey unseen by Scott's warships, using a route that passed south of the Russell Islands and New Georgia. Guadalcanal (lower right) lies at the southeastern end of "Due to the heavier concentration of Japanese surface combat vessels and their well positioned logistical base at Simpson Harbor, Rabaul, and their victory at the Battle of Savo Island in early August, the Japanese had established operational control over the waters around Guadalcanal at night. However, the Battle of Cape Esperance provided a significant morale boost to the US Navy after the disaster of Savo Island. The objective was to deny the islands to the Japanese as bases for threatening the supply routes between the U.S. and Australia, and secure starting points for a campaign to isolate the major Japanese base at Rabaul while also supporting the Allied New Guinea campaign.

By using ThoughtCo, you accept our The presence of Admiral Scott's task force at Cape Esperance represented the US Navy's first major attempt to wrest night time operational control of waters around Guadalcanal away from the Japanese.The first attempt by the Japanese Army to recapture Henderson Field was on 21 August, in the The Japanese set their next major attempt to recapture Henderson Field for 20 October and moved most of the To protect the transports carrying the 164th to Guadalcanal, Ghormley ordered Task Force 64 (TF 64), consisting of four cruisers (Continuing with preparations for the October offensive, Japanese Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa's At 08:00 on 11 October, Jojima's reinforcement group departed the Shortland Islands anchorage to begin their 250 mi (220 nmi; 400 km) run down the Slot to Guadalcanal. These ships—mainly light The Solomon Islands area in the south Pacific. INTRODUCTION. The six destroyers that accompanied To protect the reinforcement group's approach to Guadalcanal from the CAF, the Japanese 11th Air Fleet, based at Rabaul, Kavieng, and Buin, planned two air strikes on Henderson Field for 11 October. Kennedy Hickman is a historian, museum director, and curator who specializes in military and naval history. Rear-Admiral Aritomo Goto. Despite extensive damage, Jojima—learning of the bombardment force's crisis—detached destroyers Captain Kikunori Kijima—Gotō's chief of staff and commander of the bombardment force during the return trip to the Shortland Islands after Gotō's death in battle—claimed that his force had sunk two American cruisers and one destroyer. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Initially believing these contacts to be the out of position destroyers, Hall took no action. ISSN Poor, Henry Varnum; Henry A. Mustin & Colin G. Jameson (1994). The column was led by Map showing the movements of Gotō's and Jojima's forces during the battle. The Japanese base at Rabaul is at the upper left. The Guadalcanal campaignwould last six … Taking the Japanese by surprise, by nightfall on 8 August, the Allied forces, mainly consisting of U.S. Because of the threat by CAF aircraft, the Japanese were unable to use large, slow transport ships to deliver their troops and supplies to the island, and warships were used instead. A tactical victory for Hall, the engagement had little strategic significance as Jojima was able to deliver his troops. The cruiser's float aircraft, launched in advance, were to find and illuminate the Japanese warships with flares. Hall also informed his captains that they were open fire when the enemy was sited rather than waiting for orders. Scarcely had American forces consolidated their positions on Guadalcanal after the successful landing of 7 August 1942, when the Japanese indicated their resolve to regain control of the southern Solomons.

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