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There seems to be no connection at all between the concepts.

These studies represent a proof of concept for the production of dopamine neurons, but need to be repeated with expanded human neural stem cells.

An internal cross-referencing system enables the reader to link the different concepts, methods and theories.

Tell us about this example sentence: The easily accessible style facilitates a comprehensive reading of the book and a firm understanding of the concepts. 2.

Unifying concepts in the study of teachers' cognitive structures.

Moreover, these results indicate that they compare well with state-of-the-art evaluators based on considerably more complicated concepts. The sorting test also appears valid for assessing the extent to which sense relations between lexical concepts are reflected in their constituent contexts. (113) Reichian therapy, acupuncture and many other healing techniques have as their basic principle the (116) We frequently telephone asking him to illustrate some obscure or abstract (120) A fundamentally different analytical method is to use the

Each concept then must prove itself rational. | (programming) In generic programming, a description of supported operations on a type, including their syntax and semantics.

It can be argued that the marketing concept should be capable of relating to any and every activity.

The concept of evolution has been debated for hundreds of years. Thanks!

CK 1497649 Tom struggles with this concept. A medical information extraction system needs a lexicon of syntactic and semantic information about medical terms and concepts. Concept in a sentence (91) In this way the apparently active and positive concept of consent is diluted to the point of near vacuity.

Examples of concepts in a sentence: 1.

Control concepts were used to describe how these multiple components fit together to modulate individual social responses. ; 5. In the first part the concepts are introduced. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

A concept is the same as a definition. Wars also offer very interesting case studies for learning about such economic concepts as opportunity cost, deficit spending, taxation, and hyper-inflation. Therefore, there must be mechanisms for representing multilingual relationships between concepts of different languages. Concept in a sentence (1) I have no concept what it is like.

Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English

The task of selecting positive examples can be very hard due to the complexity of some concepts within the scenario. The core ontology includes 114 concepts in its current version. Based on the correlation factors, index terms are linked to relevant concepts from the ontology with a blind relationship. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Concept" in Example Sentences Page 1. {{#verifyErrors}}

The power of vector algebra comes from its ability to scale - the concepts, equations and theorems move seamlessly (usually identically) to higher dimensions.

They do not have mystical experiences because they do not have the concepts through which the experiences can be experienced as mystical.

(3) She found the whole concept faintly absurd. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction.

To start with, he introduces some basic concepts, such as arti®cial neurons, networks of neurons, and the essentials of learning. CM 932544 For him, hunger was an abstract concept. At the same time, the language conceals its referentialmetaphorical character, pretending that these concepts refer to an objective reality. But the theory of concepts worked a revolution in philosophy.

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