and all the children of Bosnia and Herzegovina "And despite her busy life and promising career, Justice said her main focus remains her three children, ages 12, 10 and 8. And the San Diego lifestyle wasn’t a hard sell for her Ohio-born husband.

David Justice's Wife, Rebecca Villalobos On Her Furniture Line

David Christopher Justice was born on April 14, 1966 in Cincinnati, Ohio. That’s what you know, and that’s that. "Nothing comes between me and my children," she said.

It involved a partnership with Cunning, without whom "not one piece would be possible," Justice said.The Andrew Morgan Collection produces Justice’s custom-made, one-of-a-kind furniture, among many other styles. "I don’t miss the industry, and I don’t miss the lifestyle," she confessed.

At Home With David & Rebecca Justice. "Every wall, every art piece, every console is me." However, her focus remains on her family—both now and in the future.

""I’m blessed because my husband is retired, so we just live our lives," she said.

Published March 5, 2012. "I honestly feel like I really never got what I wanted," Justice said.

"It’s not about balance.

"It really took me out of my depression and it became an exciting project," Justice recalled. He played for the Braves until 1996.

I felt like I was paying attorneys. Justice, the Designer.
Instead, they saved all their money to build the ultimate home in San Diego, where they chose to live after David retired.But the 2007 wildfires razed all of the Justices’ hard work.

"While she has traveled the world, Justice—a self-described "home-girl San Diego"—was thrilled to settle down with her family in her hometown. "I had to work with certain vendors, and then my next-door neighbor would have the same thing. and all the children of Bosnia and Herzegovina . "No detail has been spared in Justice’s home, which became the springboard for her blossoming career as a high-end furniture designer. "Fame is not our priority, but we like to promote something that we love, like my furniture line… I want to share this with people. Thank you to everyone who has helped the process!!!

Her signature style is marked by fleurs-de-lis, crosses and crowns.

He completed his major in Criminal Justice from Thomas More College. Each heirloom piece showcased in the home was lovingly and painstakingly designed by Justice.Villa de Justicia Furniture Collection Dining Table FINE magazine"I would say that I discovered that, really, your dream home is you, and that’s where your family resides," she said.

Unlike other professional athletes, the Justices hadn’t built the perfect home in each city David Justice had played. If we step out of this area, it’s a different world for us.

Plentiful sunshine.

"Religion inspires me.

"You have to have that type of mindset. I don’t do things just to do things anymore," she said. "People’s appreciation for Justice’s "flair and unique style"—marked by plush fabrics, ornate medallions and Swarovski crystals—eventually lead to the Villa de Justicia Furniture Collection.

"Once you’ve spent a little bit of time here, you get it… and you do just have such a great appreciation for San Diego as a whole," she said.

"Everything was burnt to the ground," Rebecca Justice recalled. Low around 65F.

He was joined by Justice Rebecca Bradley, Justice-elect Brian Hagedorn and retired Justice David Prosser, all conservatives. "It gained a lot of hype. Rosaries that were blessed by the Vatican hang from the angel’s hand.

"It just makes me happy every time I see it," Justice said.

"We lost everything, and based on that, I was extremely depressed. High 78F. "But I do miss the art of it all.

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