Series 1 started on 4 August at 5 pm, followed by series 2 on 18 August 2014. Once the Fort's gong sounds for a second time, the game time is over. At the centre is a yard, and the ground floor provided stores and quarters for the men and officers. Whilst looking for a set, a production team visited It is said that the considerable changes that Channel 4 wanted to make to the format could not be possible on the Fort, as each broadcaster producing their own version at the time had to strictly follow the French format. However, it does not open until later in the show. Though a fort on Boyard bank was suggested as early as the 17th century, it was not until the 1800s under Napoleon Bonaparte that work began. Fort Boyard as if you were there: "Inside this stone vessel posed on the sea, relive the thrills of the teams that have trodden the ground of Fort Boyard! It's a game show where two teams take on each other in various tasks. These team members remain for the rest of the game, and are therefore unable to contribute any more for the team. It is only what is in this bucket that they get to keep; any that lands on the floor is not counted. These include: cyclist However, in 2010 the formula was dramatically changed and the squads, of four members each, did not consist of any celebrities. In the 2013 Canadian version, the teams consisted of 24 participants in total; 12 celebrities and 12 members of the public, divided into six teams of four equally. This is then followed by extra games which are played to win extra time in the treasure room. For the game show, see In addition, these games are more physically and mentally challenging to the contestants than those played in The objective in this phase is to try to figure out the These clue words can be placed either before or after the password to make a common phrase.

The "duel" format was used that year. In the Argentine version of the show, aired in 1999 and 2000, a celebrity joined the other 4 people to help them on their challenges. The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the fort, in the French version or Note: Some clue games are also played as key games and vice versa. As of 2020, Covid-19 had caused a few changes to the 2020 series of Up to 2017, seven different opening theme songs have been used on the show; the first was used until 1994, the second in 1995, the third from 1996 to 2000, the fourth in 2001 and 2002 (used by the UK in 2003 during the Treasure Room), the "Dance Version" (used by France during the end credits of the night editions in 1996 and the UK from 1999 to 2001), the sixth theme song which was introduced in the 2003 French version and the seventh, introduced in 2016. Once again in this part of the game the contestants have to complete a series of challenges, but instead of playing for keys they are playing for clue words. Some give vacations instead of money, dependent on how much the team won. The show returned to a more classical version in 2011. Entrez dans la légende de Fort Boyard. They normally have a time limit and whoever wins gets to go in the tigers cage to win money.

These include: Although this never happened, hypothetically at least in Series 5 in the UK, if no keys were won in Phase One, it would have been impossible for the team to continue the game since in Series 5 in the UK five keys were needed to open the treasure room door, and since there are only five contestants, and no one is allowed to swim for the Captain's keys, every contestant would have to make a sacrifice for all five keys, leaving no contestants spare to get clue words to work out the code word and release the gold. In the 1990 French version,If, however, they declare an incorrect word, the gold is not released and instead the gate to the treasure room begins to close immediately, prompting the contestants to make a quick escape, and they complete the game with no winnings. Efforts were renewed under The project was suspended in 1809. Building started in 1801 and was completed in 1857. The celebrities returned in 2011 playing for charity. Then the contestants have the remaining time to collect as much gold as they can and place it in a bucket outside of the treasure room. The contestants then have to spell out the password on the giant alphabet on the floor of the treasure room by standing on the corresponding letters on the grid and using Once this is done, Monique/Félindra rotates the tiger's head (a statue), and the word will either be declared correct or incorrect, and the gold is released if the word is correct.

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