Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Also, 9-5 only applies to some squads. That said, these are some insane things that you'll be working so getting called in to handle a terrorist attack feels much more meaningful than getting called in to write a report.

And it is falling way short. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, locality pay, which can range from 12.5 percent to 28.7 percent of an agent’s salary, increases the agent’s wages. A person who wants a law enforcement career on the federal level might join the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The average age in Quantico is usually around 30 so many, many people end up taking a pay cut to do this job. Wenn Boni und andere zusätzliche Leistungen miteinbezogen werden, kann für eine Special Agent-Stelle bei Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) eine Durchschnittsgesamtvergütung von $138.709 erwartet werden.

The FBI needs about 16,000 applications to net 900 new agents. There's no sugar coating it. FBI Special Agents have a mandatory retirement age of 57. In 2012, the salary ranges for these pay grades were The hardest thing, and also the part that many people get hooked up on, is the form. I can spend the whole day in front of a computer going through an email review, I can be out of the office all day conducting witness interviews, I could be in court, I could be participating in a drug buy, I could be at the range all day shooting. I urge you to be super strict when you train on your form. It's more helpful to get in when you're younger if you can so the salary decrease isn't as stark. i.e I got crohn's but its very manageable with medicationsAs far as I know, only the SA position has physical requirements found outside of the normal corporate world. Hey team - I've seen quite a few posts on here regarding working for the FBI, becoming an FBI special agent (SA), etc. STEM professionals also have opportunities to experience a variety of careers within the FBI, such as by becoming a Special Agent or Intelligence Analyst. The FBI needs Special Agents who come from a broad range of backgrounds and career fields and who bring unique skill sets that complement our mission-critical work. That said, I also knew how competitive the process was and knew that accounting would make a good career if I didn't make it through the process. ganj going to 1.5 years from 3 and hard drugs going to 5 from 10).If you are off duty with your gun still on you, what crime would it take for you to step in and intervene? There's no right or wrong answer there.I thought the same thing. Just as a disclaimer: all the things I will discuss can be found on the FBI jobs website as well as by reaching out to a recruiter.Ok a little about me. How do they know about the 10 years on drugs? There are tons of workouts online to hone in on what you're struggling with. Furthermore, the FBI’s greatest need is in certain offices like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Juan. The average Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) salary ranges from approximately $56,884 per year for Police Officer to $128,350 per year for Psychologist. Our Special Agents enforce more than 300 federal statutes, conduct criminal and national security investigations, protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution. After graduating from the academy, new special agents receive assignments in one of the 56 FBI field offices.A new FBI special agent earns a base salary of $43,441. Furthermore, the FBI’s greatest need is in certain offices like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Juan. However, over the past three years, on average, new Agents leaving Quantico have been assigned to one of their top five ranked offices. At the time of publication, the FBI assesses its special agent candidates on the number of situps they can complete in one minute, the number of pushups they can complete, the length of time it takes them to run 300 meters and the length of time it takes them to run 1 1/2 miles.If a candidate passes the evaluations, he will train for the special agent position at the FBI Academy located in Quantico, Virginia.

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