Forums. Hosted resources INRO articles. Hough, Frank O.; Ludwig, Verle E.; Shaw, Henry I., Jr.. Parshall, Jon; Hackett, Bob; Kingsepp, Sander; Nevitt, Allyn. Says Crenshaw of Halsey's comments on Cole's actions, "Admirals Halsey and Nimitz, aided and abetted by their large staffs, didn't understand what had happened, yet felt they must take a firm stand to encourage better performance in the future.

Heavy cruiser USS Northampton (CA-29) was sunk, while USS … Large oil or gas drums were cleaned and filled with medical supplies and food, with enough air space to provide buoyancy, and strung together with rope.

Torpedo firing ranges at night of more than 4,000–5,000 yards are not acceptable." On November 29 1942 the U. S. intercepted a Japanese Navy message to the 17th Army alerting them to a supply run the next night and TF-67 departed The Battle of Tassafaronga began on November 30, 1942 at 11:20pm when three U. S. destroyers made a surprise torpedo attack against the Japanese force off The Japanese refer to this action as "Battle of Lunga Point".

Tanaka attempted to evade Allied aerial reconnaissance aircraft by first heading northeast through Bougainville Strait before turning southeast and then south to pass through Indispensable Strait. Guadalcanal: Naval Battles: Battle of Tassafaronga: On November 30, 1942, at the Battle of Tassafaronga, U.S.

Together, Wright and Kinkaid planned was to use TF-67's destroyer's to spot the enemy force on radar, make a torpedo attack then depart the area allowing the cruisers to open fire illuminated by flares dropped by their scout planes. Battle of Tassafaronga. Brown, p. 128, Roscoe, p. 208, Dull, p. 263–265, Evans, p. 200–201, Crenshaw, p. 51–54, Kilpatrick, p. 145–146, Morison, p. 300, Frank, p. 508–509. (Evans, p. The landings on the islands were meant to deny their use by the Japanese as bases for threatening the supply routes between the US and Australia, and to secure the islands as starting poi… The barge bases were established in the Shortland Islands and on Vella Lavella and Evans, p. 197–198, Crenshaw, p. 136, Frank, p. 499–502.Hara, p. 160–161, Roscoe, p. 206, Dull, p. 262, Evans, p. 197–198, Crenshaw, p. 137, Toland, p. 419, Frank, p. 502, Morison, p. 295.Dull, p. 262–263, Evans, p. 198–199, Crenshaw, p. 137, Morison, p. 297, Frank, p. 502–504.United States Strategic Bombing Survey (USSBS), p. 139, Roscoe, p. 206, Dull, p. 262–263, Crenshaw, p. 25–27, Kilpatrick, p. 135, Morison, p. 291–293, 296, Frank, p. 503–504.Roscoe, p. 207, Dull, p. 262–263, Crenshaw, p. 25–27, Kilpatrick, p. 137, Morison, p. 294, Frank, p. 503.Brown, p. 124–125, USSBS, p. 139, Roscoe, p. 206, Dull, p. 262, Crenshaw, p. 26–33, Kilpatrick, p. 139–142, Morison, p. 294–296, Frank, p. 504.Hara, p. 161, USSBS, p. 139, D'Albas, p. 228, Evans, p. 199, Crenshaw, p. 137–138, Kilpatrick, p. 140–141, Morison, p. 295–296, Frank, p. 504.USSBS, p. 139–140, Roscoe, p. 207, Evans, p. 199, Crenshaw, p. 33–34, Kilpatrick, p. 142–143, Morison, p. 297–298, Frank, p. 507.Hara, p. 161, USSBS, p. 139, Roscoe, p. 207, Evans, p. 199–200, Crenshaw, p. 34, 63, 139, Kilpatrick, p. 143–144, Morison, p. 297–298, 305, Frank, p. 507.USSBS, p. 139, Roscoe, p. 207, Dull, p. 263–265, Evans, p. 200, Crenshaw, p. 48–49, 139, 145, Kilpatrick, p. 143–144, Morison, p. 297–298, Frank, p. 507–508.Kilpatrick, p. 144, Morison, p. 299, Frank, p. 508.Roscoe, p. 207–208, Dull, p. 263–265, Crenshaw, p. 48–51, Kilpatrick, p. 144–145, Frank, p. 508, Morison, p. 299–300. The situation forced the Japanese to return to using destroyers to deliver the necessary supplies.Eighth Fleet personnel devised a plan to help reduce the exposure of destroyers delivering supplies to Guadalcanal. On November 28, 1942 placed under the command of Admiral Thomas Kinkaid. "The Similarity of Past and Present Standoff Threats". Once clear of Meanwhile, at 23:44 Tanaka ordered his ships to break contact and retire from the battle area. Despite opposition from Japanese Army leaders, who still hoped that Guadalcanal could eventually be retaken from the Allies, on December 31, 1942 Japan's Frank, p. 516. 29-30 November 1942 Contributed by Joseph Giuda, Dan Muir and Richard Worth. The Japanese refer to this action as "Battle of Lunga Point".

In it, a radar-equipped American task force of six destroyers and five cruisers perceived it succeeded in surprising eight Japanese destroyers, which were engaged in delivering much needed supplies to their troops ashore on Guadalcanal.

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