While occasionally messy, overly ambitious, and bulging at its seams, Beyond Skyline is bursting with energy, resourcefulness, and glorious on screen imagery and …

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Watch Now Cinemark The outtakes at the end are hilarious. What more can you ask ? Sue me, I enjoyed this movie.

These two are pretty amazing martial artists and The Raid highlights their skills in ways that makes you wonder how these two haven't become major action stars on this side of the world.

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December 15, 2017

Action & Adventure,

But, really, I don't think the movie has any delusions of grandeur.

Maybe the original's terrible reputation made them hold off on it, who knows? overall it a surprisingly good b movie. 映画『スカイライン 奪還』(スカイライン2)の感想&レビューです。前半はネタバレなし、後半からネタバレありとなっています。 原題:Beyond Skyline 製作国:アメリカ(2017年) 日本公開日:2018年10月13日 監督:リアム・オドネル

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The special effects for this movie, and this movie's budget was twice of the original ($20 million), are actually really solid all things considered.


some scenes were weak but overall i promise you its an enternaining movie. Of course, though, their fight scenes during the climactic act were the best of the bunch and it was actually kind of cool seeing Mark, Sua and the policeman (Yayan, whose character is never given a name) teaming up and kicking alien ass.

So, essentially, the alien (since, really, there's only one big bad here) is harvesting humans in order to remove their brains in order to power the rest of their 'army'.

i am hoping for a third movie.An alien invasion, plenty of blood-gore-dismemberments and brains, a godzilla-size fight and a good dose of kung-fu.

And, the biggest reason I went into this movie with higher expectations, is the fact that Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian were in this movie.

May 21, 2020 Just confirm how you got your ticket.Fandango

Not saying that this is the best alien invasion movie ever made, but it does a good enough job at making it feel 'gruesome'.

the first half of the film is amazing 10/10, well directed, entertaining and with really good special effects.

I'm really actually staggered that this movie has as high a rating as it does.

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