Maybe I'm only barking up the wrong tree. He asked her one last question: how much did she get paid for having sex, adding that he could pay just as much. There was no real back story between him and Kim aside from that phone call.

Black asks if there’s been anyone strange around Leo lately, and Leo says there hasn’t. Ha-ram’s mother, just arriving at Ha-ram’s place, sees Black’s tattoo. She wonders if Moo-gang would be safe now if she had either spoken up or died with Joon back then. She spots a young boy with a Shadow following him and suddenly turns around, averting her gaze. the Post Office’s newest assignment, was. He is a Chinese of Korean ethnicity, who crossed over to korea to work.Harm's Dad vanished because he killed a human with a gun. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! She asks if she can join Joon, and pulls out a syringe of something fatal.Black arrives just then and says that she can’t die now, calling her “Seon-young.” Soo-wan, surprised, asks if Moo-gang’s memories have returned, and he shows her the guitar pick he found in Joon’s case. The task force's initial suspicion that Reddington would only go after a mass manufacturer of guns because he, too, sells guns was great.

Would they just pretend they haven't met in the alleyway?Now that you said it, can kinda see that Ha-ram's mom is too stuck on her idea that reaper is bad news. Even when she saw the reaper sign, he was in the process of saving her daughter...There was a stark contrast between how he treats Haram and her mother(and almost everybody else) in that scene.
S6 E22 Recap Once again did we realize how special Haram is for Black. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.Maybe it's the nature of a sixth season or maybe it's a byproduct of the compressed schedule, but "Olivia Olson" is a fine representation of this small shift. As were the debates between Liz (And that's where the episode really faltered. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. S7 E11 Recap

As she heads to the next ride, Black dazedly rubs more ice cream all over his lips in order to get another kiss. The NBC series made a bold, odd choice and embraced only sort of executing it It was enough that her daughter was shunned, maybe she wasn’t able to deal with both those truths and that’s why she left. Good on the show for putting these two characters together. Black sets up a victim board in his basement where he puts all the photos of everyone who’s died, as well s a photo of Man-ho and the mysterious man with the butterfly watch.As he makes connections between the photos with string, he realizes that, excluding everyone Scarface killed due to personal grudges, the man with the butterfly watch must have killed everyone else.Black thought Man-ho was originally responsible, but now deduces that there must be three watches out there — Byung-shik’s, Chairman Oh’s (which was handed down to Man-ho), and the the third one belonging to the mysterious man behind all these deaths.Retracing Kwang-kyun’s steps the day he died, Black discovers Kwang-kyun contacted a detective in Mujin, who sent a copy of an old case file Kwang-kyun requested.The detective now shows Black the original file, which includes a bunny keychain as part of the evidence. It’d be funny to see Moo-gang’s reactions if he’s been protecting Loser all along, haha.I loved this episode, even though the Congressman Kim reveal made me sick. Black can’t stay in Moo-gang’s body forever, especially if it will hurt Ha-ram to find out the truth like it did for her mother, so Black tells Joseon to call the Death Squad tomorrow. Its really a kind of exciting twist to the story.

I think you’ll like it.” To which I say: Whyyyyyy?The answer to that question becomes clear to the audience very quickly; unfortunately our trained FBI agents need a little extra time to figure it out and drag out the plot, bringing about the episode’s only major weak spot.

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