First off, when they first met it could be his Zanpakuto or a part of it trying to give him a hand and a friend until he calls for the sword once again. She can be intimidating at times, especially when annoyed. Sensing a kindred spirit the man humored the little girl and allowed her to follow him. For the Kusajishi District, see Kusajishi.

Elle s'inquiète et semble un peu déprimée. Yachiru s'émerveille de tout, crie souvent (et fort) et elle adore les bonbons et les sucreries en général. Ses cheveux sont longs et toujours coiffés en une jolie tresse mise par devant. "No matter who the opponent is, Ken-chan won't ever lose!" They headed back as soon as they received word of what was happening, but got lost on the way, hence why they were late. Yeah, it saddens me that Bleach got such bad fortune at the end (face it, it pretty much was just loads of bad luck). Further reflecting her childlike nature, Yachiru likes to give people nicknames. Yachiru can leave up to others more than four times her size and weight with one hand and without being encumbered. Ikkaku Madarame est nommé "Crâne-d'oeuf" ou "Boule de billard". She explains that she and Kenpachi were fighting Hollows in Rukongai. Elle aidera ensuite Isane Kotetsu pendant la seconde invasion en récupérant des objets utiles pendant que sa collègue soigne les capitaines Muguruma et Ootoribashi, encore blessés par leur combat avec Mask de Masculine. "The death of Soul Society at her bladetip..." —User:Ten Tailed Fox. Yachiru 17 months after Aizen's defeat. Kenpachi Zaraki went as far as to say that young Yachiru could take on the entire squad herself, a feat Yachiru was more than happy to prove whenever possible, and so Kenpachi made her his Lieutenant. Elle est aussi très gourmande. When Kenpachi berates her for revealing that they got lost, she gets upset, defending her statements. The End of Bleach World?? After Kenpachi collapses, once he finally kills the Reigai, Yachiru runs over and asks if he is about to die. It seems that she uses the whole Association to order the other members around, who are made to do various, mostly childish pranks and other "tasks" to please her. Yachiru. Gosuke Kiganjo Kenpachi had claim command of the 11th division of the 13 Gotei/Thirteen Court Guard Squad, by slaughtering his commander the previous Kenpachi and so he was bound to accept the challenge. For example, she gave Makizō Aramaki the name "Maki-Maki" and later when he reminds her of that name, she finds it funny. She can be intimidating at times, especially when annoyed. Since in the backstory they mention their districts, it's kinda weird at first. Soon afterward, Yachiru watches Kenpachi leap toward the meteorite which Gremmy summoned and recalls their first encounter when she was still a baby.Promotional art of Yachiru's Shikai from Brave Souls.Yachiru is known for making up nicknames for people, sometimes on a moment's notice. Yachiru apparait pendant cet arc au côté de Kenpachi, comme toujours, cachée dans son Haori, on ne l'aperçoit qu'après que ce dernier ait tranché en deux Giriko. Before her life as'Retsu', Yachiru is formerly known as the most notorious criminal and serial killer to ever exist in Soul Society. Is she dead? Once approved by official channels Kenpachi became the legitimate commander of the entire 11th division however he felt that the squad had grown soft under Kiganjo and they were unworthy of following in the footsteps of the great Yachiru Kenpachi. Kubo was clearly writing a longer story and that were his plans and well his ill health and maybe pressure to end a series that was no lon... “Ihihihihhi’ll neheheheheehver gihihihhihive uhuhuhhup!” Yachiru declared, wiggling her tortured foot around. How strong is Unohana? Après l'éllipse on la voit moins souvent avec son épée. Unohana a l'apparence d'une jeune femme aux yeux bleus et aux cheveux noirs. Ishida n'a pas eu de chance, et est nommé "Tête de crayon", Chad est nommé "le Gorille" et Orihime est appelée "la Trouillarde" et "Gros Lolo". She finds a safe spot when Kenpachi is confronted by his Reigai counterpart and marvels at how alike the two really are. Kenpachi Zaraki (更木 剣八, Zaraki Kenpachi) is the current captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13.

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