If you’re a laid back girl who cares more about life than beauty, then this is one color trick that will really set you free. This is an effortlessly textured look that is applied in such a specific way to be perfect for your next summer look. This stunning hairstyle is perfect for anyone looking for something that is unique and classic all at the same time.Here is a flawlessly gorgeous look for anyone who wants their highlights to be done in such a way so that they look as natural as possible. The tips here are pretty much all blonde, but the mixing technique here has the clear sweeping effect that is the signature of the balayage highlight technique.As another style containing a mixture of an ombre effect and balayage technique, this bold look is especially beautiful on long hair. In this style, the change in hues is very subtle. This technique delivers custom-blended and often natural-looking results that work good on any hair texture as the pictures above have shown. Long Sun-Kissed Balayage Blonde. It is a technique that blends the highlights seamlessly into your hair and is perfect if you’re looking to spice up your color without having noticeable, over-dramatic streaks in your hair.Many people confuse balayage hair with another similar style – ombre hairstyles. Instead, opt for a cool and creative ice gray hue. Blond is always a gorgeous choice because of all the stunning shades that you can incorporate. Slightly golden in tone, these blonde locks flow effortlessly down from darker roots with that extra special balayage technique that makes it look so easy. Contrasted with the darker shades, this style is beautifully textured.For a much more subtle balayage look that is still a unique hair color, this is a beautiful option. The darker strands woven immaculately throughout the hair elevate the blonde hair to a new level. Blond comes in all different hues, so it’s easy to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone whether it is an ashen color or something deliciously golden.Amplify your color by adding flirty layers that will let the sun pick up on your highlights, creating movement throughout your style. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Many of us get bored with our hair color but don’t want to erase it completely. The bleached ends against the dark roots give your hair the never-ending dimension that draws in the eye.

Tousled blonde tresses are a smart choice for those who want a minimalist hairstyle with maximum impact.This gorgeous back-skimming mane oozes beachy vibes with its pretty bleached hue and wavy texture. The combination of more prominently displayed dark hair along with the platinum blonde tips at the bottom help to create an overall ashy feel to the color. Platinum blonde ends give an instant cool-girl vibe to layered haircuts, especially when contrasted against deep brown roots.

Here the balayage highlights are applied with a light blonde shade in such a way that it appears to naturally be that soft, innocent blonde almost as if it never faded away from your childhood head of hair.With hair color, sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. The long hair featured here also gives this gradient room to fade beautifully and gradually.At first glance, you almost don’t even notice the very subtle hints of caramel colored tones mixed in with the blonde highlights on top of the naturally darker hair.

Still adding in blonde notes throughout, this golden head of hair is further enhanced with voluminous curls. There are still some sections of hair at the bottom that are left the same as the original color – intended to give the hair a more effortless look with more dimension.Check out these 50 Balayage hairstyles below for ideas for your next cute hair colors:Looking for new fun hair ideas? It’s an elegantly simple way to add just a little something extra to your hairstyle. Using some of the darkest shades, this style goes from brown to light caramel. Perfect for when you want to be blonde, but you don’t want to make it obvious that it’s fake.Adding dimension to your hair color and be particularly successful with curly hair. This is a classic example of the sun-kissed look you can get from balayage style highlights.This look is a way to feature nearly every shade of blonde imaginable in your highlights.

These highlights work incredibly well with that balayage sweeping technique to make even the darkest of dark hair with highlights look naturally sun-kissed.This is an incredible and beautifully unique hairstyle that combines the different tones of blonde in a way to make the hair color appear in a gradient all around the head. It also can provide a broader range of coloring textures than is offered by an ombre hairstyle, making it important to understand the differences between ombre vs balayage and specifically what is balayage hair. It results in a gradual, soft highlight which can really give you that “sun-kissed” look many of us desire in our hair color. A flawless way to blend dark to light!Another flirty and fun beach look, perfect for your summer style. With hair like that, you can seamlessly transition from the office to a date night.A hue that’s as rich as honey can make your balayage equal parts sweet and sexy. What if you are just looking for cute easy hairstyles that find a way to enhance your color but still maintain a natural quality? For anyone who wants to maintain dark hair with highlights, this is a luscious combination of dark, golden, and nearly… With a balayage hairstyle like the one shown, it’s like taking the ease and beauty of those sand-and-shore days with you, wherever you go.Tailor your blonde balayage hair to your own personal style and face shape, by asking your hairdresser to dye the lightest strands around your face.

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