314 ratings — published 2016 avg rating 3.70 — avg rating 3.74 — published 2013 avg rating 4.44 — avg rating 4.17 — 23,336 ratings — 2,376 ratings — avg rating 3.73 — published 2017 avg rating 4.41 — published 2010 Her new book is called The Missing Millionaire -- about Ambrose Small, a Toronto millionaire who disappeared without a trace a century ago, leaving behind a devoutly Catholic wife, a mistress, a disgruntled associate, an unsolved mystery and a cast of characters worthy of rollicking whodunnit.The Cree/Dene writer and journalist Carol Rose GoldenEagle on her thriller Bone Black, about an Indigenous woman who takes justice into her own hands when the system fails her.His murder scandalized 1940s elite society. avg rating 3.79 — Louise Penny Biography: Louise Penny is a Canadian New York Times bestselling author of mystery. published 2012 avg rating 4.34 — avg rating 3.88 — Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments.
39,932 ratings — 575 ratings — 21,592 ratings — published 2016 299 ratings —

The Donnelly family emigrated from Ireland to the township of Lucan Biddulph in the Ontario countryside. published 2014 Author Charlotte Gray will be in to explain why she thought Sir Harry Oakes was worthy of study, in her new book Murdered Midas.Andrea Gunraj on exploring the complicated relationship between two sets of sisters in her novel The Lost Sister.Daniel Kalla talks to Shelagh Rogers about his new book, We All Fall Down.If you've always aspired to write and these isolated times are making it possible, Sheena Kamal can help.

33,937 ratings — He has published more than 30 books, including more than 25 Inspector Banks novels.Marissa Stapley is a writer living in Toronto. published 2014 Gray is a member of the Order of Canada. But not many people know the full story of the golden man who died a mining titan. avg rating 4.01 —

published 2008 avg rating 3.71 — published 2015

published 2010 1,631 ratings —
avg rating 3.80 — avg rating 4.20 — avg rating 4.09 — avg rating 3.73 — published 2014 24,903 ratings — 569 ratings — published 2000 avg rating 3.85 — Welcome back. His Victor Lessard series has won the Arthur Ellis award and the Prix Saint-Pacôme for Crime Fiction. published 2018 avg rating 3.53 — The latest is called "No Going Back." 24,005 ratings — 216 ratings —

44,151 ratings — avg rating 3.98 — 69,235 ratings — 1,082 ratings — avg rating 3.77 — published 2009 avg rating 3.90 —

avg rating 4.04 — 3,128 ratings — Canadian Born: Wentworth M. Johnson: 1939 2014 science fiction, mysteries, non-fiction … published 2011 15,355 ratings — Her other books include Carol Rose GoldenEagle is a Cree and Dene author whose books include the novel Historian Charlotte Gray explores the "crime of the century" in her latest book ⁠— the 1943 murder of gold mining tycoon Sir Harry Oakes. published 2009 362 ratings — published 2015 His most recent books include the adult thriller Majorie Celona is an American-Canadian writer. The book series is also the basis for the critically acclaimed French TV show Penny is a former CBC broadcaster and journalist. She enjoyed reading works from authors such as Agatha Chrisitie, Michael Innes, and many more.

published 2013 avg rating 4.22 —

published 2018 A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #2) Louise Penny (Goodreads Author) (shelved 26 … He had a quick meeting with his lawyer and that was the last anyone ever saw of him. In Davidson is a Canadian writer currently living in New York. avg rating 3.67 — published 2013 584 ratings —

avg rating 3.71 — published 2020 362 ratings — 46,217 ratings — 26,759 ratings — avg rating 3.42 — published 2014 55,606 ratings — Her other books include Robinson is a crime writer living in Toronto.

Here are 22 mysteries, thrillers and books about crime to check out for Crime Writing Month.Wayne Arthurson is a writer of Cree and French Canadian descent. No one was ever convicted of the crime. published 2014 799 ratings —

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