Rabbit's Reviews #271: Murasaki Shikibu (4* Rider) While the Ivan the Terrible of the Pan-Human History was indeed a tyrant, he was an existence without any connections with magecraft.

While the cooldown reduction on both Invincibility and buff removal is somewhat beneficial, it only becomes crucial in very specific situations. gifting NA account to first one to respond to this message On a more general setting, his other choices revolve around various damage boosting effects, such as These CEs are generally Ivan’s preferred choice for more mundane runs, as they allow him to unleash a relatively early NP compared to their alternatives. However, when the world threatened to freeze over in the Lostbelt, Ivan called upon mages to develop a technique that combined humans with Demonic Beasts in order to survive.However, this choice was tantamount to creating an entirely new sort of creature, completely different from humans. Stomping his foot down sends out a wave of electricity that leaves a slight fissure in itss wave. He can teleport to get closer to his enemies so he can electrocute them with a touch or with a burst of electricity released from his body. Ivan and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the The still living Ivan is present in the Lostbelt as its King, currently sleeping due to As a Rider, his Mount appears to be a Gigantic Mammoth.As a Yaga, he has merged with mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. While his lack of NP Charge lessens his potential as a farming unit, the damage and utility the Emperor of Lightning provides are more than enough to make up for it. His last and least significant weakness is the fact that a lot of his skills’ effects often have different usage timings, which, sometimes, makes using them (All said, however, Ivan the Terrible is a highly solid AoE Rider option by all metrics, whose Buster cards are sure to deliver heavy blows to his opponents. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rabbit's Reviews #273: Abigail Williams (Summer) (5* Foreigner) This results in an almost complete dependency on supports to perform instant NPs, which makes him a less desirable option for farming. ), also called the Thunderous Emperor (雷帝, Raitei? MMM - Temperate Temptress Turns Away Tempering Tincture, Tianshui Thaumaturge Typically Turbulent (Summer 2020 Part 2) In the Lostbelt however, he invited the magi when the crisis of global freezing became imminent. His realm has been pruned from Proper Human History, as it was deemed an unnecessary deviation and an interruption even to Parallel World Theory. Furthermore, the Buster Performance boost provided by his NP comes in the form of a debuff on all enemies, which benefits the Emperor’s allies as well as himself.Aside from having access to a considerable NP Gain buff, Ivan’s naturally high Star Weight enables him to benefit doubly through his reliable critical hits, which also provide an increase to his overall damage. Revival: Fate/Accel Zero Order Lap 2 - Complete Walkthrough Therefore... Next, it's the time to battle.”A fusion between the human known as Ivan the Terrible and an unknown Demonic Beast, the Lightning Emperor Ivan rules over the Eternally Frozen Empire - Anastasia with equal measures of cruelty and piety. Outside of the damage department, Ivan rounds up his kit with an Invincibility buff, as well as two utility tools in the form of self-debuff removal and buff removal (for all enemies).The main weakness Ivan’s Buster-centric kit, however, is that it lacks any sort buff capable of boosting his other cards, which lowers his damage outside of burst turns. Increase your NP Strength (1 turn). Leveling this skill first is generally the most beneficial, as both its constituent effects scale with additional levels, and as a damage battery, the cooldown reduction is also very much appreciated. Ivan the Terrible is a limited servant and only available in the second Anastasia Summoning Campaign banner. Hello there! He also uses his staff to fire an electric beam. His third, on the other hand, can generally be left alone unless the additional cooldown reduction is desired.is primarily used for its NP Gain buff, which fortunately scales with additional levels. The long durations of Ivan’s offensive buffs ensure that he would be able to get the most out of it, even when his Buster cards are unavailable during the NP Brave chain turn. "Ivan the Terrible" gained international recognition following the 1986 John Demjanjuk case. ), the alternate world Lostbelt version from the Russian Lostbelt. All who live within his empire are Yaga, but that is only because mere humans cannot survive the extreme environment.This change, however, cost them all something that was important to them as humans.Ivan the Terrible from Proper Human History may have been depicted as a tyrant, but he had little to no association with magecraft.
205 Rarity ★★★★★ SSR Cost 16 Max LV 90 ATK Lv.1 1,795 HP Lv.1 1,948 ATK Lv.90 11,619 (13,619) HP Lv.90 13,284 (15,284) ATK Lv.100 12,719 (14,719)

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