The Ingrams' story is currently being told in the docudrama Quiz on ITV Charles Ingram's story has been retold in ITV's Quiz - but can you actually see the episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire he appeared in? Charles Ingram, the man convicted for cheating on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, has praised new drama Quiz's retelling of the story - as his lawyer … "It's just preposterous, it's ludicrous, it just doesn't hang together. Get all your true crime news from Oxygen. "Celador's case has been brutally broadcast for 19 years with nothing from us (to the vindicated winner so too the spoils) & their position was made v clear in #Quiz," he said.In another tweet giving the show five stars after the first episode on Monday, he praised ITV and described the show as "gutsy".Rhona Friedman, the Ingrams' criminal defence solicitor, is currently working on submitting new legal arguments to the Court of Appeal, saying new analysis of the coughing at the heart of the scandal will cast doubt on their convictions. Pollock had connected with a group, known in the show as "The Syndicate", which helped its members and their friends rig the selection process for the show and helped get his sister on the show.

Everywhere the couple went, they were coughed at.

"The Syndicate" was also known for gathering in a room so that their chosen contestants could utilize their collective intelligence for the “phone a friend” element of the show.In “Quiz,” the show’s producers immediately become suspicious when Charles comes to the set with both his wife and brother-in-law as all three had been present during the relatives' previous two appearances. In the series, all three are brought to court where they're found guilty, yet they are sentenced to no jail time. However, while the court and general community seem certain of their guilt, the makers of “Quiz” hint they may be innocent, pointing out that Whittock had an ailment that caused uncontrollable coughing. On which of these would you air laundry? The Man Who Cheated Millionaire - Who Wants To ... - YouTube "I think if the trial had been done a different way, I don't think they would have been convicted. What they ended up with at trial was a gentleman’s agreement that nothing had been done to alter the trial exhibits but there is no place for a gentleman’s agreement in a criminal trial.”The prosecution’s case focused on 18 significant coughs by Mr Whittock that appeared to indicate a correct answer, but no explanation was ever given as to why one ‘significant cough’ indicated a wrong answer.Little was made of the fact that Mr Whittock had two longstanding respiratory conditions and suffered from persistent coughing, or that an alleged planning conversation between Mrs Ingram and Mr Whittock - a key event in the prosecution case - lasted only minutes. But it was balanced. "Back at the time of the trial in 2003, cough analysis wasn't a thing, and in fact there was a prosecution expert who came along and said that cough analysis is uncharted territory," she said. Whittock remarked during the trial that "you do not cough into someone's face".During the trial, Whittock portrayed himself as a "serial quiz show loser" because he had been eliminated in round one of Since leaving the Army, Ingram has written two novels: In late 2003, Ingram and his wife were charged with further Christopher Parker, prosecuting, said Ingram switched insurers to Ingram met his wife, Diana, while she was training to be a teacher at In 2010 he lost three toes on his left foot in an accident involving a lawnmower.English novelist, computer repairman, army major, and fraudster Charles Ingram with his wife Diana outside Bournemouth Crown Court, after he recieved a two year conditional discharge for insurance fraud.

They were on at the time. Coverage of the latest true crime stories and famous cases explained, as well as the best TV shows, movies and podcasts in the genre. Here are the questions Major Charles Ingram faced on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Government’s system sends people on round trips of 350 miles for Covid tests

Charles Ingram’s appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

"Ms Friedman said Charles Ingram had not been in contact with Whittock before the show.

They say this new evidence was not able to be considered by the jury at the time of the trial, and for the first time, gives a more realistic context to the timing of coughs deemed ‘significant’, undermining the prosecution case of a conspiracy.They also claim that the integrity of the audio evidence of coughing given to the jury may have been compromised - pointing out that it came from the prosecution - and was not referred to the Forensic Science Service for independent analysis.Ms Friedman added: “The chain of continuity of the audio exhibits which were presented to the jury as ‘expert evidence’ has got gaps in it. As depicted in "Quiz," the trial even had to be suspended at one point because the courtroom broke out into coughing fits.In addition to their notoriety, the couple willingly went on additional television shows following the scandal.

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