I love it too that she hesitated because of Shin Yul, not Hui Young.

"Stranger. There is only a line. Hui Young wrote a letter and told Yul that he was really happy to receive the typewriter as a gift, “I don’t think I can repay you ever for what you have done for me.” In return, he requested that Yul finished his novel for him. Sometimes post-drama I wonder why I even obsessed over it.Me too @thoughtsramble! and tricks Seol into thinking that Jin Oh operates on batteries HAHA. Anyway, just mindless rambling here. Words will go beyond the page in this finale as our trio reconciles the truth with the guilt they’ve carried into the present. Chicago Typewriter will stay in my memory for a long time! Se Ju awakes and tells them that he was possessed by a ghost the moment he fell from the rooftop.

Yeah I’ve been recommending it to my friends. I find the ending a work of masterpiece. Therefore, every organisation would have rules that are as strict as Joseon Youth Alliance in the drama. In fact, I wish I could relate to the main leads but I don’t think I’m half as brave as them. They cleared everything that they had to say to each other which they didn’t have the chance to say before.Han Se Joo also said to Yoo Jin Oh that Seo Hwi Young never blamed him until the end of his life. But I feel like Su Hyeon would have balked to know that Madam Sophia would be her mother in the next life; she wouldn’t have thought that it was a gift/wanted the repayment of debt. Why? There’s a person who can’t leave you because of destiny.” It’s the same words as what he has said to Jeon Seol earlier on in relation to Shin Yul, but now he’s talking about himself – and there’s something beautiful and poetic about this echo.They flip a coin to find out whether Jin Oh is safely sealed in his novel. Therefore, every organisation would have rules that are as strict as Joseon Youth Alliance in the drama. Even though he knew that it was Shin Yul who confessed to Heo Young Min about their secret hiding place.It was heart warming to see that the drama included the scene that Shin Yul united with his comrades in another time-space. Which character were you able to relate best to, thoughtsrambel? While slowly uncovering layer by layer, your curiosity starts to grow because you want to know how much more there is to find. Young Min was the only one left standing but Su Hyeon appeared behind him with a shotgun. Good romance AND good story! Se Ju wiped her tears away and she was afraid that he would leave again. Soo Hyun and Shin Yul-hyungnim. It is so rare to find a Kdrama that knows where it’s going and doesn’t completely fizzle or blow the last episode.Chicago Typewriter will take it’s place alongside Healer in my list of favs. Unsettled pasts get corrupted.” ?

And for the ending, I can't be more excited for it. A gem.Yeah, Jin-oh = Yul, and that’s what made it even more painful to watch him :’|I don’t want to let it go and will continue to dwell in the feels for a bit more…I’m going to go back and read all your recaps on CT (I wasn’t able to get to them as the show was airing), but I anticipate reliving the series from the beginning by reading them.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow what the cupboard is talking about and receive notifications of new posts by email.

To me, its touching on how the element of ‘TRUST amidst comrades’ stood steadfast eternally, going to the extent of them getting reincarnated alongside each other. CT was not perfect. I can only anticipate that the ending will be as good as the beginning. There’s still a wee-bit of discomfort regarding Jin Oh’s reincarnation being uncertain and not having shown the view the coin side in the end . In that moment when Seol rushes up to hug Se Ju who is trembling in fear that Jin Oh is gone, I teared with them as well. Is ‘Writing our stories’ the song you like best too? He updates the two that he has recalled everything from his past life upon falling from the building. There is only a line. Later, Seol asks Se Ju if he knew who she killed, and he smiles, “Just let go if you cannot remember.” However, he does tell her one thing – that he prayed to the skies to meet them again in his next life.He leans towards her with an evil gleam, “I’m going to do something great for our country now.” HAHA she rejects his advance but kisses him on the lips anyway.Due to him grabbing Tae Min by the collar earlier on, Jin Oh recalls his past encounter with Young Min and wonders if he’s the one who killed him.

Seol, who has gone off to get bait, rushes to hug him in consolation. If you crossed it, you threatened the existence of the organisation. It didn’t really strike me straightaway the significance of the ending, but I realised this means that he’s in there – he’s now sealed inside Se Ju’s novel about the old days.This is one of most beautiful endings I’ve watched and seems to continue somewhat the trend of Goblin’s ending (also TvN), where there’s bittersweet closure and poetic endings. When he perishes, he will become nothing and will not even reincarnate.Later on, Jin Oh recovers and smiles that he has finally learned why he sealed himself in the typewriter –  it is to apologise to the two of them and to make good his promise of letting Se Ju date Jeon Seol. This is seriously the best drama I've ever watched. Chicago Typewriter: Episode 8 by gummimochi. Once that was clear, everything went smoothly for me and I enjoyed every moment. Ryu Soo Hyun, like how both Hwi Young and Shin Yul commented before, was a firm, determined lady and was always more capable than you can expect. I don’t think I’ll be able to move from Chicago Typewriter anytime soon. It is friendship in a poetic way. That’s an interesting question, thank you for asking! Claire Jun 26 2020 12:49 am Chicago Typewriter has a very small share of imperfections, that I can't seem to point out anymore because everything made up for it. I think it may be because the cast isn’t particularly hyped?

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