I met Michael Sheen at the Pride of Britain and this guy has been looking at tapes of me for weeks so I tapped him on the shoulder and he was like, 'Argh! The Welsh actor is playing the gameshow host in the new ITV drama, which tells the story of the infamous Major Charles Ingram coughing scandal on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Something I want to talk to you about.” And so we went out for dinner, and he told me that he was doing this project and would I think about playing the part… He’s probably my favorite director to work with and he’s had such a huge effect on my life. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Michael Sheen is going to be Chris Tarrant YouTube Pointless Celebrities - S12E06 "Special" (12 Oct 2019) - Duration: 48:52. And the documentary just seemed so over the top trying to make out they were guilty. So the people who were supposedly helping Charles out, Charles can’t see, but Tarrant’s got them right in his eyeline, and Tecwen was really close, much closer than I had thought he would be when I was just reading the scripts.

Chris Tarrant revealed that he was quite happy with the casting on This Morning, and opened up about his recent meeting with the star.

It is cataclysmic… All I can do is look you both in the eye and tell you I did not cheat on that show. AMC as part of your cable package.

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The first trailer for ITV's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Like I say, having sat in the middle of it all, I don’t know how they could have done it.

So, who knows?Unlock more with AMC Premiere: Binge the entire series, ad-free.

I just spend as long as I possibly can I always feel like I have to do as much work as I possibly can in the way that I’ve described to eventually get to the point where I am very like the person, so that, when the audience first meets me in the story, all their expectations about wanting to see how much I’m like the person are met, I hope, but I also hope that, in a very, very short space of time, they just forget about it and just go on the journey and just are in.

Mundo 84,637 views So I still don’t know how they did it, if they did it and, like I say, from being on the most perfect crime scene recreation you possibly can be, I’m not convinced that the coughing was what was going on. By registering to HELLO! To watch AMC shows or upgrade to AMC Premiere, sign in with your provider.To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports The … Stephen called me. After Chris Tarrant's daughter Ms Tarrant showed her four-year-old son a snippet of Michael Sheen portraying the former host in ITV's drama Quiz, the star's grandson was left convinced it … And I just remember reading all three episodes just straight through. Last step - Add your e-mail to complete your account.

Please try again later. I mean, they were found guilty, but they’ve never admitted it. Watch ad-free with AMC Premiere. The very first day of filming I did was the courtroom scenes, which is towards the end really for me in the story, but that was the first day of filming, so that was quite scary because most of my research had been watching him doing the show, so I was much more comfortable with being him in his A: You should never guess at what my feelings are about playing the character. All rights reserved. And remember, it’s never been proved how they did it.

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Chris Tarrant has opened up about Michael Sheen playing him in the new drama Ultimately you don’t want anything to get in the way of the audience just going on the journey with the story.A: The challenge in a way was when I’ve played other characters like that — like [Tony] Blair or [David] Frost or Brian Clough in But, as with all the characters I’ve played that are based on real people, it’s incredibly frightening right up to when you start being the character in the scenes and you start filming and even then it’s incredibly frightening because you’re aware that everybody on that set is watching you and doing what the audience is going to do, which is judging whether you’re like them, whether they believe you as the person, so it’s very scary.

The first film I ever did was with Stephen, a film called So before the scripts got to me, I watched that documentary again, and this was before I knew what line the script would take, so I just watched the documentary, thinking they were guilty because that was my memory. And Diana was sitting up there, so I could see her as well. And of course that was the other big aspect of it at the time — not only was there the actual trial but there was the trial by public opinion as well because it became such a big tabloid story.

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