Enrique "Kiki" Camarena Salazar was a Mexican-American special agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Meanwhile, every crime show on television (which, by my count, is every show on television) has a DEA agent turn up to solve a mystery from time to time.

What requirements are there to become a DEA agent?

The memorial is located in the halls of the department, where Camarena served. Dea Agent facts. Those words have special meaning in our complex world. In 1956, Kiki moved with his family to Calexico, California. The training covers several skill areas, including ethics, intelligence, firearms, and tactics.The DEA runs various operations both domestically and abroad. The United States government pursued a lengthy investigation of Camarena's murder. This screening process entails interviews and written, physical, and psychological tests.Successful candidates travel to Quantico, Virginia for 16 weeks of special agent training. DEA agents need integrity to work with classified information. Agents typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in a criminal justice field, although certain specialized skills and experience can meet DEA special agents work for the United States government and often enjoy generous salaries, benefits, job security, and career advancement opportunities. Solve drug crimes with your scientific skills. Investigating and prosecuting drug-related crime can put DEA agents into high-risk situations that require split-second decision-making. "In 1984, acting on information from the DEA, 450 Mexican soldiers backed by helicopters destroyed a 1,000-hectare (2,500-acre) Camarena was taken to a residence located at 881 Lope de Vega in the colonia of Jardines del Bosque, in the western section of the city of Guadalajara, owned by Camarena's torture and murder prompted a swift reaction from the U.S. The DEA had its own reality TV series on Spike TV from 2008 to 2009. Flakka is typically white or pink in color, and is found in crystal form. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other information published on this site. DEA agents often enjoy exciting, varied careers that can include frequent travel and/or periodic relocation for new assignments. DEA pilots performed important operational roles; in addition to training Mexican pilots, they helped spot fields for spraying and verified that spraying runs had destroyed targeted fields. It comes in a liquid or as a white powder that is dissolved in water, juice, or alcohol. Specific skills in areas such as aviation, mechanics, information systems, and foreign languages can help applicants qualify for DEA careers or move into advanced roles.SPECIFIC SKILLS IN AREAS SUCH AS AVIATION, MECHANICS, INFORMATION SYSTEMS, AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES CAN HELP APPLICANTS QUALIFY FOR DEA CAREERS OR MOVE INTO ADVANCED ROLES.DEA requirements depend partly on the level of position sought. Special Agents Diversion Investigator Forensic Sciences ... Drug Facts. The best-known of these were Prohibited from undercover work, DEA agents in Mexico concentrated on cultivating informants, an often difficult task, especially as informing became more and more dangerous. They work along the…As sworn officers with the New York State Police, New York State Troopers work to improve highway safety, detect and prevent terrorism, and prepare for…Find the information you need to find, get into, pay for, and thrive in the best college for Featured programs and school search results are for schools that compensate us. federal laws relating to the control and prevention of drug abuse.Explore these related careers in the field of criminal justice:Explore program formats, transfer requirements, financial aid packages, and more by contacting the schools below.As of May 2018, there were about 24,290 paralegals employed in Texas, with the Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas among the top ten metros with…Border patrol agents (BPAs) are law enforcement officers who enforce federal laws when people or goods travel into the United States.

Agent Javier Peña of Texas was assigned by the DEA to join in the hunt for Pablo Escobar. The DEA's SOD unit conducts unconstitutional surveillance techniques to help launch criminal investigations against Americans. CriminalJusticeDegreeSchools.com is an advertising-supported site.

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