I just happened upon this post. It’s a shame she couldn’t unburden herself especially to her sis-in-law Jay who seems like a sweetheart of a human being. "This is a killing. Fellow campers who have known the family for years detected no signs of conflict. She gets back in the car….At the scene of the accident, they find what they refer to as an “empty” vodka bottle next to her. "Previously, Barbara suggested that Schuler may have ingested alcohol in an attempt to raise a low blood sugar level, a theory experts said demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of both diabetes and strokes. However, since it could not be corroborated with the convenience store clerk, it may have been made up to help support his “medical emergency” theory.That makes sense. Toxicology reports show her BAC at .18 and THC in her system. The only accurate one I’ve seen!This case has so fascinated me that I friended Jay Schuler on Facebook. Having worked with a number of people in recovery I can say there are some very creative ways to conceal alcohol abuse.I agree with your theory. “At this campground if someone sneezes two campsites down from us, I say, ‘Bless you.’ It’s very quiet up here. And why did she have a high blood-alcohol level and a high THC level? 4 of the people killed were children and 3 others were injured. Even with kids there. The minivan’s driver straddled lanes, witnesses told the police, tailgated cars and honked at other drivers. Her husband, Daniel Schuler left the campground several hours later in a pickup truck. Maybe Danny knows but he will NEVER tell. That she suddenly decided to drink vodka straight from the bottle while driving a van full of children.
Schuler had entered the highway on an exit rampway and drove two miles in the wrong lane. Well done.Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Ms. Schuler’s cellphone was found later near the bridge’s toll plaza.On the phone, Mr. Hance told Ms. Schuler to stop and wait for him, but she kept driving, heading north, away from her home on Long Island. "[Not] who I trusted my children with. I read it was said by her her husband and sister-in-law, and then became part of the record. He had no family, thank dear old God again.

And she “snapped” that day. So, what’s your theory then? Tylenol is known to be a pretty surefire way to commit suicide and is more readily available than some other means (gun, poison, etc).

He told them that his sister had called him to say she did not know where she was and was having trouble seeing.Toxicology results show that Ms. Schuler, 36, had a Ms. Schuler grew up as Diane E. Hance in a large Catholic household in Floral Park, a comfortable Nassau County suburb where her great-grandfather had settled the family a century ago. The resulting collision north of New York City killed Schuler, her 2-year-old daughter, three young nieces, the Bastardis and their friend Daniel Longo, 74. Were the sisters moved to another spot after this came to light?What a detailed and totally believable theory.
Don't call it an accident," Irving Anolik, attorney for the Still, Daniel Schuler insisted during the news conference that he had never seen his wife drunk and that "she was the perfect wife. Investigators said that they were not sure when or where the vodka was bought and that they planned to ask Mr. Schuler what he knew about it. After removing Schuler from the van, the two men saw a large, broken The investigation of the collision drew nationwide attention, as Schuler's husband strongly disagreed with the conclusion that she was heavily In an August 8 press conference, Daniel Schuler and his attorney Dominic Barbara initially denied that Diane did drugs or was drinking that weekend at the lake since several children were with them.

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