ranked the U.S. hockey team's victory in 1980 as one of the most Someone told me I had an electrifying personality...Is it good or bad?It's very good, it means you are charismatic, and that you are filled with energy.People can't help but light up with joy when they meet you....That's how I would use the term,"Electrifying personality"!Still have questions? Ginger tabbies vary in personality but are known to love lazing in the sun and roaming around their territory. They can be quite the big softie, seeking petting and affection from their owners. Another word for electrify.

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Join. His job is to rescue people. That's awesome! Trending Questions. Goshawk - Most commonly referred to as a hawk, a goshawk is a bird of prey. A small-business manager should often aspire to attain magnetic qualities to attract the attention of colleagues, employees … Get your answers by asking now. Labels: Unimportant but Mildly Amusing. Electrifying: causing great emotional or mental stimulation. To produce electric charge on or in .

No comments: Post a Comment. Electrifying Personality. To wire or equip for the use of electric power. 2. a. brave - someone who isn't afraid of danger. Are you afraid of being yourself?

:) 0 0 0. Synonyms: breathtaking, charged, electric… Antonyms: unexciting… Find the right word. Example sentence: Mario is a coastguard. … What is the meaning of the name sanya?

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She is always on the phone to friends. clever - good at learning things.

Electrifying - definition of electrifying by The Free Dictionary.

radiant,electrifying personality,to dream ,splendind,full of love What is the comparative and superlative adjectives of word radiant?

Get your answers by asking now.Video of assault, found by victim's mom, breaks case After epic collapse, French player rips virus protocols'Alarming' number of Big Ten athletes have myocarditisMcDonald's responds to viral myth about its burgersOfficer charged in shooting of Black man at WalmartNew video shows fatal police shooting of Black man in L.A.Extra benefits stalled as exec actions fail to replace dealTrump finds his health under scrutiny as he hits at Biden's 10 Qualities of a Magnetic Personality.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Subscribe To Not A Potted Plant. causing great emotional or mental stimulation Example sentence: Maria is a very chatty person. 60 answers. why do ppl want things to stay locked down? 30 synonyms of electrifying from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 41 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Newer Post Older Post Home. Find another word for electrifying. Electrify definition, to charge with or subject to electricity; apply electricity to. Magnetic people often find themselves in leadership roles because people naturally follow them.

That's how I would use the term,"Electrifying personality"!

Posts Comments Followers. 26 answers. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? Here is a list of English words that are often used to describe someone's personality. chatty - someone who talks a lot.

He is very brave. to cause a pleasurable stimulation of the feelings

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