29 May – After being protected from the media for so long, finally, the face of Faye Wong and Li Ya Peng's youngest daughter, Li Yan, was revealed for the first time.. Li Yan was born with a cleft lip, and in November 2006 the couple established a charity, the Smile Angel Foundation, to give assistance to other children with the condition. That doesnt mean I’m gay. (2) Even with she is lesbian, or bi … so what really?

And yes all same sex. Parents are divorced, parents are so famous, mother with 2 failed marriages, etc. And even if she is, how is it immediately or necessarily a bad thing? (1)Go into any high-schooler’s Facebook page these days – it’s all them blowing kisses at each other, or pouting at the camera in their selfies.Most of them love cam-whoring. As for her sneakers, it seemed she had photoshopped the logo, but netizens were able to identify it as the Rhyton Gucci logo leather sneaker, which retails for $890 USD. You’re actually saying something nice. Don’t defend her or be defensive. It is not just the Asian media,but Asians in general are like that. Faye Wong‘s (王菲) daughter Dou Jingtong (Leah 竇靖童) may have dropped a hint about her sexuality when she posted an intimate close-up shot of herself and a blonde female friend on Instagram last week.. complete disgrace to her parents, completely spoiled and westernised.the image on the right, mocking the cleft lips of younger sister? And we expect this poor kid to grow up normal and obedient? According to reports, tuition at the school costs nearly HK$850,000 (approximately US$108,500) a year . So why should anyone, including Faye expect her child to grow up conventionally docile?Just support the kid, in whichever direction she wants to go. My love.” A few hours later, Leah also shared a different photo of the two under her own Instagram account, saying, “8 is a good number.. can’t ask for anything better love.”Both have previously posted other photos of each other with equally ambiguous messages, which further fueled the speculations. The 13-year-old, who is Faye Wong’s (王菲) daughter with ex-husband Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), currently attends a private school in Switzerland which accepts a total of 250 students per school year. Many girls to it to make it look like they have fuller lips. Especially when she’s a student and she hasn’t chosen entertainment as her career,so she shouldnt be in the medialol.90% if not more women link arms when shopping or whatever. Perhaps your jumping to judge is more of a disgrace.this is the current ‘selfie’ trend of modern teens across the world.anyway that is not going to happen cuz i don’t wantThese photos are just BFFs taking selfies and such. And even if her daughter turns out to be a lesbian, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH THAT……….. it shouldn’t be a news headline. The caption reads “Means the world to me… 8 months and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t deny.faye wong life is already very eccentric and full of enigma…glad her daughter possess her singing skill which hope she will be her mother successor as faye is legend diva who do not want to record music anymore…hope her daughter can continue her singing career if she indeed have same voiceanyways I get the impression she’s a junkie. This is different from her past behavior, where she would often show her shopping hauls and matching luxury outfits with her friends.

Currently studying in the United States, Leah has immersed herself into the local culture and music scene. However, Tse rejected the claims on Facebook and said he was “looking forward” to Song’s live stream, reported Ming Pao Daily News . In a recent photo with her classmates, netizens noticed she was all decked out in name brands from head to toe. The fact that Jaynestars posts this means youre desperate for content.. is the Asian entertainment well all dried up really??Omg.

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