Femi Ogus MBE is a British actor and talent agent. Look at John Boyega and his own production company making a deal with Netflix. We provide email, phone, address, along with clients info for thousands of entertainment professionals. The man behind the rise of the British star says that in terms of diversity, our entertainment industry is lagging way behind America’s “That moment was a turning point for John, the school, and the industry. Olufemi Ogunsanwo, popularly known as Femi Oguns, is an actor, theatre producer, writer and talent agent with a joint honours degree in Race and Culture and Performing Arts.

Oguns founded Identity School of Acting in October 2003. In 2006, Oguns founded an auxiliary agency group – which continues to represent Boyega and Wright – and in 2018, Oguns opened an Identity School … They are creating content for Netflix, and they wouldn’t have been able to if they were still stuck with the big studios. Femi Oguns in LA at the 2018 premiere of Pacific Rim: Uprising To me, that’s it, we’re done,” says Oguns. Boyega was on a date in Catford, but, a panicked hour-long black cab ride and £75 (all the money he’d had) later, he was sitting in Mayfair, hearing that, after eight rounds of auditions, he had been booked for the role of a lifetime as Finn in the new multi-million-dollar Star Wars film The Force Awakens.Stunned, Boyega, who had grown up on one of south London’s roughest estates, walked over to“We stood outside my office, and, not caring what people thought of us, we just screamed and screamed,” laughs 42-year-old Oguns over the phone. I’m Thinking of Ending Things, review: welcome to the horror of homecoming And if it has gone ahead, then it is going to come under a lot of scrutiny,” he says.It’s Britain’s lack of diversity behind the camera and as part of the decision making process that led to such shows as Little Britain and Bo' Selecta!, both disowned by the BBC in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement for their racially offensive humour. But, at the same time, we need to find material that is celebrating us. Netflix also promotes black and minority actors becoming businesses. “And to those who complain of comedy becoming too PC, I don’t care – the opposite does far more harm than good.” Speaking to him, you feel there is real, seismic change afoot in the arts and that Oguns is at its epicentre. “He said, ‘We are the architects of our own fortune’, and look at me now, I’m a man of colour who has built this school from the ground up without a penny of public funding. “We are not denying our past,” he says. After leaving drama school he went on to university where he obtained a joint honors degree in Race and Culture and Performing Arts. Founder & CEO of Identity School of Acting and Identity Agency Group Established actor Femi Oguns founded Identity School of Acting in October 2003. He is the founder of the Identity School of Acting and Identity Agency Group and co-founder of UpperRoom Productions, the production company co-producing the Pacific Rim: Uprising. The true(ish) history behind Mulan – and her Beijing-baiting heir CEO of Identity Agency Group & Identity School of Acting Olufemi Temitope Ogunsanwo MBE (born 28 October 1977), known as Femi Oguns , is a prominent British agent and former actor who founded the Identity School of Acting and Identity Agency Group. “Black actors are the flavour of the month. IAG Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But it was also the culmination of a very specific, politically charged strategy. Femi Oguns is a manager, and works at Identity Agency Group. “I would be very surprised if it goes ahead in the way that it’s billed at the moment.

Oguns founded Identity School of Acting in October 2003. Femi Oguns CEO at Identity Agency Group London, United Kingdom Entertainment The Human Voice, Venice Film Festival, review: Tilda Swinton shines in Almodóvar's lockdown drama Born in north London to Nigerian immigrants, he walked out of drama school, fed up, he says, of the overt racism of the teachers. Oguns' considerable achievements have led to a series of high profile commendations.

Instead, he studied performing arts and race relations at university, and it was there that he got the idea to open a BAME-orientated drama school – the first of its kind in Britain.After handing out fliers in Hackney and attracting just 10 students, Oguns opened the school in 2003.

The success of his brainchild drama school, led to an offshoot which was the Identity Agency Group aimed at managing the movie industry talents. Letitia Wright too. “I was deeply offended at the time, but no one knew back then because no one listened,” says Oguns. What’s on TV tonight: Racism: My Story, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, and more Within a couple of years, his actor showcases were being attended by the UK’s leading casting directors, The Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

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