Register for Your City of Gold Coast rate notice is issued twice yearly, usually in January and July, and covers six-monthly billing periods (i.e. Pictured with deputy mayor Donna Gates, left. No, once you have registered to receive your rate notice or water bill via the City's emailing of notices service, or through BPAY View®, you will no longer receive the notices in the mail.No problem, you'll be able to view all the brochures and notices that normally come in the mail online by visiting our City emailing of notices service: You can use any available BPAY View® registered customers: As above.

Gold Coast ratepayers receive a water and sewerage notice that is separate to their rate notice. Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate delivers the 2020-21 budget. ... All categories; Community. *Copies of both rates and water notices issued from July 2018 are available in the Rates section of My Account - click on the 'Rates notices' button in your rate account details under 'Rates and water accounts'.The City offers a discount for paying your rates on or before the due date of your rate notice. The average general rate in … * In accordance with the Local Government Act 2009, Local Government Regulation 2012 and Council of the City of Gold Coast’s adopted budget resolutions, all rates and charges are due and payable within 31 days of the issue of the rate notice on which the rates or charges are levied. Each property is allocated a rating category according to land and property use, which is used as a basis for calculating the general rate charge. Pensioner concessions Queensland Government property concessions and Council Remission. The discount amount on your rate notice represents a 10 per cent discount on your Choose a way to pay your rates and water bills, including the online options above, on our If you have registered for My Account, you can view copies of your rates and water notices online.Use the button above to 'Sign in' to My Account. The value of your land, along with the main or primary land use, is the basis for the calculation of the general rate. Application for pensioner's rate remission. Please see our Rating Category Statement for a summary of the categories used to rate properties in the city of Gold Coast. Pensioner rate remission for non-homeowners. Water and sewerage notices are issued quarterly. Provided City of Gold Coast receives your payment on or before this date, discount will be allowed.

Other conditions apply.Alternatively, you can complete an application form at your nearest If you have recently moved to a new address within the City, you will also need to re-apply for pensioner rate concessions on your new property.The rate notice amount is payable by the due date shown on the front of the rate notice. However, making payments by BPAY® payment is easy with BPAY View® as the amount to pay and reference numbers will be pre-populated for you.BPAY View® - If you need assistance with registering for Internet banking and/or the BPAY View® service, visit BPAY® and BPAY View® are registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518City of Gold Coast is responsible for delivering water and sewerage services on the Coast.Gold Coast ratepayers receive a water and sewerage notice that is separate to their rate notice.

This contribution supports a wide range of activities and initiatives to manage and maintain the city’s natural asset network and is fundamentally important toward achieving the city’s 51 per cent native vegetation coverage target. Cemetery fees and charges effective from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. Gold Coast Aquatic Centre ... Council rate remission for pensioners. You may be entitled to the State Government pensioner rates subsidy and/or City of Gold Coast's pensioner rate remission (Council Remission) on your next rates bill if you own and occupy the property and are the holder of either of the following:

This site uses Javascript. Refer to the Table of Differential Rating Categories and Rates in the Revenue Statement and Ratings Resolutions for a summary of Council of the City of Gold Coast's annual differential general rate values for each category.

Application for pensioner’s rate remission for non-homeowners. Council services. For valuation enquiries please contact DNRME.

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