In 2007 telde Guadalcanal 2994 inwoners. The convoy carried 4,500 troops from the 16th and 230th Infantry Regiments, some naval marines, two batteries of heavy artillery, and one company of tanks.To protect the approaching convoy from attack by CAF aircraft, Yamamoto sent two battleships from Truk to bombard Henderson Field. It is the name of the graveyard of the Japanese army.Beyond Kawaguchi, several Japanese 247–252, 293, 417–420, 430–431, 521–522, 529; Griffith, pp. Only 17 of the 44 members of the 1st Independent Tank Company survived the battle.Hough, p. 336; Frank, pp. The rest of Tanaka's warships abandoned the supply mission, turned, and launched 44 torpedoes in the direction of Wright's cruisers.The Japanese torpedoes hit and sank the U.S. cruiser By 7 December 1942, Hyakutake's forces were losing about 50 men each day from malnutrition, disease, and Allied ground or air attacks.On 12 December, the Japanese Navy thought about abandoning Guadalcanal. Between 16 and 18 October, the 2nd Division began their march along the Maruyama Road.By 23 October, Maruyama's forces were finding it hard to get through the jungle to reach the American forces. Having learned of the planned landing, Vandegrift sent a battalion of Marines under As the American troops began to move, Shōji and his soldiers began to arrive at Koli Point. At 05:55, U.S. aircraft and artillery began attacking the beached transports, destroying all four transports along with most of the supplies that they carried. These fresh troops were quickly emplaced in the Point Cruz and Matanikau area and helped successfully resist further attacks by American forces on 10 and 18 November.

Assisting the Americans in the latter stages of campaign were Fijiian Frank, pp. The Americans lost about 250 killed in the operation while the Japanese suffered around 3,000 killed, about 12 to 1 in the Americans' favor.On 14 January, a Tokyo Express run delivered a battalion of troops to act as a rear guard for the Patch, wary of what he thought to be an imminent Japanese offensive, committed only a relatively small portion of his troops to continue a slow-moving offensive against Hyakutake's forces. News agencies sent some of their most talented writers, as it was the first major American combat operation of the war.Air battles over Henderson Field and strengthening of the Lunga defensesBattle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea HorseAir battles over Henderson Field and strengthening of the Lunga defensesBattle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea HorseZimmerman documents the participation by native Solomon Islanders in the campaign at Jersey, pp. After breaking through the Marine lines the battalion's assault was eventually stopped by Marine units guarding the northern part of the ridge.Two companies from Kawaguchi's 2nd Battalion charged up the southern edge of the ridge and pushed Edson's troops back to Hill 123 on the center part of the ridge. At 05:55, U.S. aircraft and artillery began attacking the transports, destroying all four transports along with most of the supplies that they carried. The 3rd Battalion, 4th (Aoba) Infantry Regiment had landed at Kamimbo Bay on the western end of Guadalcanal on 11 September.

Throughout the day of 15 October, a string of CAF aircraft from Henderson bombed and strafed the unloading convoy, destroying three of the cargo ships.

A strong Japanese fortified position, called the Gifu, stymied the attacks and the Americans were forced to temporarily halt their offensive on 4 January.The Allies renewed the offensive on 10 January, reattacking the Japanese on Mount Austen as well as on two nearby ridges called the Seahorse and the Galloping Horse. This force sortied from Truk on 23 August. However, as the campaign continued, and the American public became more and more aware of the plight and perceived heroism of the American forces on Guadalcanal, more forces were dispatched to the area. These losses meant that Japan could not achieve its goals in the Japan's major base at Rabaul was threatened by Allied air power. The situation forced the Japanese to return to using destroyers to deliver the necessary supplies.Eighth Fleet personnel devised a plan to help reduce the exposure of destroyers delivering supplies to Guadalcanal.

15 of the Marines and the three U.S. Navy sailors were killed when the Higgins boat carrying them from Tulagi to Aola Bay on Guadalcanal was lost. In addition to the deaths from attacks by Carlson's raiders, tropical diseases and a lack of food caused more of Shōji's men to die. Hyakutake sent Colonel Griffith, p. 193; Frank, pp.

186–187; Dull, pp. This caused problems with Japanese plans to do a major attack on the U.S. Lunga defenses.Throughout the last week of September and the first week of October, Japanese destroyers delivered troops from the Japanese 2nd Infantry Division to Guadalcanal. Nor could they replace their highly trained and veteran crews, especially the naval aircrews, nearly as quickly as the Allies.The military victory for the Allies was important. 156, 257–259, 270; Miller, pp. Ichiki's unit, consisting of about 917 soldiers, landed from destroyers at Taivu Pointbafter midnight on 19 August, then made a 9-mile (14 km) night march west toward the Marines.Ichiki thought that there were not that many Allied soldiers on Guadalcanal. The attack was commanded by Merritt Edson and its goal was to capture Kokumbona, headquarters of the 17th Army, west of Point Cruz.

The American forces suffered 40 killed and 120 wounded in the operation.Meanwhile, on 4 November, two companies from the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel On 5 November, Vandegrift ordered Carlson to take his raiders, to march overland from Aola, and to attack any of Shōji's forces that had escaped from Koli Point. Seventeen SBDs and 20 Wildcats at Espiritu Santo were quickly flown to Henderson and U.S. Army and Marine transport aircraft began to shuttle aviation gasoline from Espiritu Santo to Guadalcanal. By the end of August, 64 aircraft of various types were stationed at Henderson Field.Between 21 August and 3 September, three Marine battalions, including the Small Allied naval convoys arrived at Guadalcanal on 23 August 29 August, 1 September, and 8 September.

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