You've got a Hitler-like Confederate veteran firmly in control of the South, rebuilding its economy and militarizing it (just like Hitler did in Germany). Gebundenes Buch Suddenly, humans had to stop fighting each other and unite against this deadly new enemy from beyond the Solar System.From China to North Africa, from hit-and-run cavalry raids in the American West to tank clashes in Eastern Europe, the worldwide conflict raged.

( April 27th 2004

The work camps are a great approximation of the Nazi's war on the Jews.


In this volume, which covers a number of years in the 1930s, we begin with Jake Featherstone and his Freedom Party taking control of the CSA government.

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Makes for an interesting read.The end of a trilogy that deals more with politics than war, which I find much more interesting.

For along with France, britain enters the fray on the Confederate side. Settling Accounts: Drive to the East (English Edition) Harry Turtledove Harry Turtledove is an American author that writes alternate historical fiction. I love how Jake Featherstone becomes the South's version of Adolf Hitler. Humans are forced to unearth secret caches of terrible, once-forbidden weapons. From Harry Turtledove, bestselling author of the Worldwar series and The Guns of the South, a collection of nine stories and three essays that illuminate his broad storytelling range Harry Turtledove earned the title "master of alternate history" from Publishers Weekly for his thought-provoking novels that turn historical facts into gripping tales of possibility. The aliens' formidable tehnology makes their victory seems inevitable. .

Now he gets a chance for payback. Turtledove's alternate history of a century-long American civil war continues . Oh, well.
This is the first of Turtledove's books that I have read, but I felt so disconnected from all of the stories.I just don't care about enough of the characters to continue with this series.

Verkauft von Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. 0345444248 The North American continent is locked in a battle of politics, economies, and moralities. 131 Kindle Most of his work is Alternate History — among the most prolific and accessible. But he presses ahead with a secret plan on the dusty plains of Texas, where a so-called detention camp hides a far more evil purpose.

He actually does historical research for his novels, and footnotes some of them.

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