A Tree by Any Other Name . Literally hundreds of different species and varieties have been developed for ornamental planting.

Riparian areas, abandoned fields and pastures, shrub lands and grasslands, oak woodlands, and other forested habitats are all vulnerable to invasion by English hawthorn.Introduced starting in the 1800's, English hawthorn appears to have begun spreading first in Oregon and southern Washington.

First noted scientifically in 1883, the tree received its name from its point of origin when introduced to Pennsylvania from Washington, becoming known as the Washington thorn because of its prominent thorns. This small tree spreads readily by seed into woodlands and open fields, often creating a dense, thorny thicket.
The tips are round pointed and coarsely toothed, and the base is nearly smooth.

Naturalized specimens were collected in Oregon in the early 1900's and one collection from Wahkiakum County, Washington in 1927 notes that the species was commonly established along roadsides. To contact staff, see the On the trunk the bark is gray to dark gray-brown and breaks into narrow, flat ridges. The fruits, which resemble rosehips, stand out in a snowbound landscape. Its beautiful flowers, sharp thorns and hedge-like qualities have made it popular throughout the ages.

English hawthorn can also be a nuisance species in pastures and wildlife grazing areas and its removal from those areas is also recommended. The older branches are ashy or reddish gray, with slightly curved spines of chestnut brown color, 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches long.The fruit occurs in few-fruited, small drooping clusters. Step 1 Look for a small tree that in many cases is no larger than a tall shrub. Although more common west of the Cascades, English hawthorn has spread in eastern Washington as well.English hawthorn is generally a forest understory species in its native range, but in our region its grows well in a wide range of habitats. Today, the hawthorn is renowned for its sturdy nature and beauty, but also its functionality as a border hedge. The slender twigs are at first orange-green and smooth, later becoming bright chestnut brown and shiny. English hawthorn, also called common, one-seed or single-seed hawthorn, is an introduced tree that has naturalized in the Pacific Northwest. For more information see English hawthorn is carried by birds into forests and open fields where it can form dense, thorny thickets that outcompete native species and make passage of large animals difficult. There are several hundred species of haws (Crataegus sp.) You may even remember seeing the name, "Hawthorne" in a book, convincing you that it is the proper spelling. Its abundant red berries are attractive to birds and other animals, which help spread this tree far beyond where it is planted.In King County, Washington, English hawthorn is classified as a Non-Regulated Noxious Weed and its control is recommended in natural areas that are being restored to native vegetation and in protected forest lands and wilderness areas. Found generally throughout Iowa except in the northwest section, this short tree, with thin, erect branching and a narrow, open crown, prefers the banks of streams and open hillsides.The small leaves are narrowed or tapered at the base. For more information on English hawthorn distribution, see the Because English hawthorn is already naturalized in many places in King County, we are not tracking locations. According to George Symonds, in his awesome book, Tree Identification Book: A New Method for the Practical Identification and Recognition of Trees, there are more than 1,000 species and sub-species of hawthorn just in North America – that doesn’t include all the species in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world.

This small tree spreads readily by seed into woodlands and open fields, often creating a dense, thorny thicket. Please do not use these images without permission from the photographer. Sometimes they are seen growing as large, flat-topped shrubs. Hawthorn Trees 1 Hawthorn Trees 2 Hawthorn Trees, Facts & Detailed Information on the Hawthorn Tree.

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