Janet Hunt has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry.
The home warranty company can also provide assistance in locating a contractor to complete home repairs. Some states offer consumers the ability to file a complaint through their insurance commissioner’s office. Plans don’t provide as much flexibility as some other top choices, but high maximum payouts make TotalProtect’s appliance insurance a great choice for homeowners who live in an older building or who need additional financial assurance. There are two major costs associated with your appliance insurance plan: The exact amount you pay in a monthly premium depends upon a number of factors, including where your home is located and how many appliances you want to cover.If you do need to call for a repair or replacement for one of your appliances, you’ll also pay a service fee. Cinch home warranty repairs have a 180-day guarantee. Maybe you’ve given away your payment details over the phone, thinking the caller was from your existing insurance company, but later found out it was someone else?

After the work is completed and you pay your fee, your insurance provider will cover the rest of the bill. Cover up to $3,000 worth of repairs and placements for most major appliances.

As long as a contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured, you should be able to use the contractor of your choice for repairs.

AFC allows you to use your own repair service as long as it is licensed, bonded, and insured. American Home Shield founded the home warranty industry in America and is among the most respected home warranty companies in the market. Find out more about keeping your home appliances working and getting cover for when essential white goods break down.Home appliance insurance, also known as white goods insurance, is extra protection for appliances like your fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and oven.It offers a level of cover above what you'd receive with most Your kitchen appliances and electrical goods in your home might be some of the most expensive possessions you have, but they won’t be covered by your contents insurance in some circumstances.If you have accidental damage cover with your home insurance it can offer some protection, but it often excludes things like mechanical failure or wear and tear.When you buy an appliance, it’ll usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts about a year.The warranty only covers manufacturer faults and you’ll have to pay more to extend it to cover more eventualities.It can be quite expensive to take out extended warranties on your new appliances when you buy them.Instead, standalone multi-appliance warranties are available which can work out better value and cover older appliances as well.Dedicated home appliances policies can be for single items or cover lots of appliances under one policy.With specialist appliance policies, you’ll be covered for things like:You won’t be covered for accidental damage or theft with a home appliance insurance policy – although if you have Look out for limits on the age and value of individual items and on the number of call-outs with appliance cover policies.Make sure that the brand that produced your appliance isn’t excluded (all major brands sold in the UK will be covered).Cosmetic damage won’t be covered either, and there might be an exclusion where repair and labour are covered, but not the cost of the parts.If you’re taking out insurance for an appliance you already own, look out for a no-claim period at the start of the policy - it means you're not covered for the time period specified, which can be a few days or weeks.If you need a policy for multiple appliances, look out for limits placed on the number of items, for single-item limits and for maximum claim limits.All policies have different lists of electricals and white goods they can cover, but most include:If there are any restrictions, they’ll be in your policy documents.If you’re a tenant, you shouldn’t have to take out cover for appliances that have been provided by the landlord because it’s the landlord’s responsibility to repair or replace them if they break down.If you’re a landlord, these policies are worth considering so your tenants get essential appliances repaired quickly if they breakdown - just make sure the policy you choose covers landlords.That depends on whether your standard warranty covers everything you need it to, and how long it lasts.

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