"All the brethren take their seats but the Master and candidate, when the Master continues:"Brother Gabe, you will now repair to the east, and receive an historical account of this degree. The Wardens and brethren of this Lodge require a more satisfactory proof of your fidelity to your trust, before they are willing to intrust you with the more valuable secrets of this Degree. As they approach the west, the Senior Warden steps out as did the Junior Warden, facing the candidate, and, clinching him by the collar more roughly than the Junior Warden, exclaiming as follows:S. W. (Second Ruffian.) M. (two raps, all the officers rise to their feet.) He can study the philosophy that underlies the Masonic ceremonies. What is the meaning of this? Remember, that around this altar, you have promised to befriend and relieve every brother who shall need your assistance. Hand to back--that you will ever be ready to stretch forth your hand to assist and save a fallen brother; and that you will vindicate his character behind his back, as well as before his face."5th. M.--Brother Gabe, you will please approach the east.Conductor (S. D.) leads the candidate up in front of the Master's seat in the east. Not even the Bible, the writings of Josephus, nor any other writings, however ancient, of which we have any knowledge, furnish any information respecting his death. --You will arise, and salute the Junior and Senior Wardens as an obligated Master Mason.Here Lodges differ in their mode of work; some only pass the candidate around the Lodge once, and as he passes the Junior and Senior Wardens he gives the Master's sign.

"Brother Gabe, seven constitute a Lodge of Entered Apprentices--one Master Mason, and six Entered Apprentices. "One of the brethren then replies: "We will go a southwesterly course, and will come up with our brothers." W.--The password is right. --Advance the token. Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. Senior Warden, one. In closing, on this degree, you first draw your right hand across your throat, as herein before described, and then hold your two hands over each other as before described. We part upon the square as all good Masons do We mingle with the multitude a faithful band and true So the brotherhood of Masonry from every corner come To meet upon the level and act upon the plumb.

"To keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers and see that none pass or repass without permission from the chair. Master to Senior Warden, "How do Masons part?" Again, the Master, one. Brother Junior Deacon (turning to that officer), you will inform the Tyler.Worshipful Master gives one rap with his gavel, when the Lodge is closed, and the brethren divest themselves of their regalia, preparatory to returning to their respective homes. Upon arriving there they commence to lower it into the grave, as they style it, but in reality only from their shoulders to the floor. It is my orders that strict search be made for him through the apartments of the Temple, and due inquiry made. Amen.K. By there being no designs drawn on the trestle-board.A. After calling a few more names, which are responded to by the brethren, he says: "Jubelo!

Talk not to me of time or place, but give me the secrets of a Master Mason, or I will take your life!Conductor--I cannot; nor can they be given, except in the presence of Solomon, king of Israel, Hiram, king of Tyre, and myself.Ruffian--That does not satisfy me.

The Master Mason has the right to visit lodges throughout the world. In some Lodges, the brethren on this occasion attire the candidate with a very rich apron and yoke.When the candidate is fully dressed, the door is unceremoniously thrown open, and he, in company with others, is permitted to enter the Lodge. We'll meet on the level, act by the plumb and part upon the square. Worshipful."Ans. Amen.

G. W.--Most Worshipful King Solomon, there are at the gate twelve Fellow Crafts, who wish to be admitted: they say they come with important tidings.Here the Warden opens the ante-room door, and says: "Come in, you twelve Fellow Crafts;" when all those that were left out by the Secretary come into the Lodge, stamping and scuffling along, especially if only a few of them, to impress upon the candidate's mind the idea that there are more. Where is our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff?J.

B. divided the operatives the three classes, viz., Apprentices, Fellow Crafts, and Masters; paying the wages of the former at the pillar of J (And finally, the veracity of the legend is completely ignored by a reference to the Holy Scriptures. No! You can support Robert by purchasing his books here: https://robertwsullivaniv.com/buy-the-book/Meet, Act and Part-Episode 17-A conversation with an English MasonBro. The three Fellow Crafts who persisted in their murderous designs, knowing this to be his usual practice, placed themselves at the south, west, and east gates of the inner courts of the Temple, and there awaited his return.A. "Master to Senior Warden, "Your business there, brother Senior?"Ans. These ceremonies are always conferred in such a way as to bring pride to the candidate and the members of the Lodge.To get started on your journey to becoming a Master Mason, visit our Masons regard the human species as one family, and as members of that family, we should act with respect and understanding toward others and seek to aid and support those who are in need. To the three jewels of a Master Mason, which are friend-ship, morality, and brotherly love.A.

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