The average FBI agents salary is or an equivalent of per hour.An FBI agent starting salary depends on a number of factors such as tenure, experience, and the state of employment. Agents participate in the Federal Employees Retirement System. The average FBI agents … In terms of a criminal profiler salary, FBI profilers who are special agents fall within the General Schedule pay scale, with a starting pay grade of at least GS-10.

In 2011, for example, an FBI agent at GS-10 Step 8 made a base salary of $57,979 annually, or about $4,831 a month, while someone at GS-11 Step 1 made only $50,287 annually, or about $4,190 a month.According to the FBI, new agents start at GS-10 Step 1 on the law enforcement scale. An FBI agent starts on pay grade GS-10, which ranges from $48,289 to $62,787 annually in 2018.

Try our FREE award-winning tool to find the best schools in your area. This 25 percent is calculated after locality adjustments are added to an agent's pay.

Noel is an avid reader (non-fiction), enjoys good food, live theatre, and helping others make wiser career decisions. FBI agents play a critical role in the federal law enforcement system. Get your answers by asking now.Video of assault, found by victim's mom, breaks case Historic college will not open for first time in 384 yearsAfter epic collapse, French player rips virus protocolsOfficer charged in shooting of Black man at WalmartExtra benefits stalled as exec actions fail to replace deal Anyone who is interested in this high-stakes government job must meet a lengthy list of physical and mental requirements. The FBI has positions at the GS-14 and GS-15 levels, but those are managerial and supervisory positions -- not field agents.The FBI has 56 field offices nationwide. Some of the their specialized areas include training, lab services, and fingerprinting.FBI agents work full time and in shifts, and often have an average of 50-hour workweeks.

Locality pay (which ranges from 12.5% to 28.7% of base salary depending upon office assignment) is additional compensation to account for differences in the labor market between different areas. FBI agents can advance as high as GS-13, which as of 2011 topped out at a base salary of $93,175 a year, or $7,765 a month. Newly assigned Special Agents are paid as GS-10, step 1 ($43,441) plus locality pay and availability pay. Agents can also contribute pre-tax dollars to a thrift savings plan.Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since 2007.
FBI agents are on the federal government’s law enforcement pay schedule.

Drug enforcement agents stand on the front line of combating the American drug crisis. In fact, a March 2010 press release posted on the FBI's website noted that a former agent of 26 years was charged and plead guilty to income tax evasion. They can also be assigned to do undercover work wherein they have to stay at a specific location for long amounts of time and at several cases for over few days or weeks.The projected increase in FBI agent employment from 2016 to 2026 is 7%, which is the same as the national average.There is a projected increase in the demand for public safety but this varies depending on location, state, and local and national budgets.Since the projected increase of jobs is lower than the national average, employment for those seeking to be FBI agents is seen to be highly competitive in the coming years. For a GS-10 Step 1 agent, that meant an annual salary of between $52,504 and $60,881, or a monthly rate of $4,375 to $5,073. All FBI special agents must have a college degree and complete training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. How much do FBI agents make? They are required to be armed at all times, since they are often at risk for encountering physical injuries on the job.
In fact, FBI agents have one of the highest rates of injuries across all occupations.Their job is often stressful but most FBI agents find their occupation fulfilling and rewarding when they help keep members of the community safe from threat and danger. The average salary for an FBI Agent is $66,166.

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