This was denied, and after a heated exchange he quit the series and stormed off the studio lot.The studio owed exhibitors three more films for the 1956 season, so Gorcey was replaced by Stanley Clements, a former tough-teen actor who had been in a few East Side Kids movies.

these greats !
Universal made twelve feature films and three 12-chapter serials with the gang. "In all, there were 48 Bowery Boys films (the longest feature-film series in motion picture history), with the final film, In the Money, being released in 1958. 2 November 2016 | utgard14 These films also introduced 'Sunshine' Sammy Morrison, one of the original members of the Our Gang comedy team, as part of the gang.The original members of the 'Dead End Kids' were now working at several studios, so these films were made at the same time that Universal was making 'The Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys' series.A total of twenty-one films were made, with the final one, Come Out Fighting, being released in 1945.In 1945, when East Side Kids producer Sam Katzman refused to grant Leo Gorcey's request to double his weekly salary, Gorcey quit the series, which ended immediately. Yes we had the Marx Bros. and the stooges...but lets not forget about . The 34th of 48 Bowery Boys movies released from 1946 to 1958, and this was the highest-grossing film of the entire series.

Definitely one of the better later Bowery Boys films. When Jordan quit the series after the eight film he was replaced Butch (with Bennie Bartlett and former East Side Kid Buddy Gorman alternating in the role). Henry Richard "Huntz" Hall (August 15, 1920 – January 30, 1999) was an American radio, stage, and movie performer who appeared in the popular "Dead End Kids" movies, including Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), and in the later "Bowery Boys" movies, during the late 1930s to the late 1950s. "Sunshine" Sammy Morrison (aka "Scruno" in the East Side Kids films), declined the invitation to rejoin the gang and took a long hiatus from acting.Gabriel Dell returned in the fourth entry, Spook Busters (1946) as "Gabe Moreno," a former member of the gang just out of the Navy with a French war-bride in tow. The new Hall-Clements partnership was successful enough to be renewed for the 1957 season. Jordan was also unhappy with the direction of the series, which favored Gorcey and Hall, excluding the rest of the cast. Bobby Jordan then suggested a meeting with his agent, Jan Grippo. Grippo, Gorcey, and Hall formed Jan Grippo Productions, revamped the format, and rechristened the series The Bowery Boys (the earlier films credits appear as: "Leo Gorcey and The Bowery Boys"). Huntz Hall, who for 20 years played the slow-witted sidekick of Leo Gorcey in more than 80 ''Bowery Boys,'' ''Dead End Kids'' and ''East Side Kids'' movies, died on Saturday in Los Angeles. Abbott and Costello become private detectives in Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951); the Bowery Boys open up a detective agency in 1953's Private Eyes.After Abbott and Costello's haunted-house comedy Hold That Ghost (1941) became a smash hit, the East Side Kids released the similar Spooks Run Wild with Bela Lugosi later that year. Connecting people through photography. Uploaded 08-13 2013, Size 294.22 MiB, ULed by jmmybttm: 0: 1: Video The Bowery Boys … When Slip and Sach are locked in the closet and sawing through the wall, there is only a horizontal cut. )Leo's character "Slip" was famed for his malaprops (always delivered in a Brooklyn accent), such as "a clever seduction" for "a clever deduction," "I depreciate it!"

Gabe was a convenient "utility" character, frequently changing jobs (private investigator, policeman, songwriter, reporter) to suit the story at hand — and the limited casting budget.

In 1967 The Beatles even paid homage by selecting pictures of Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall for the photo-montage cover of their celebrated Sgt.
Youtube vids from Fedop.

Once again, the Bowery Boys followed suit with Jungle Gents (1954), Bowery to Bagdad (1955), and Hold That Hypnotist (1957). After 1950 the series began to resemble the farcical Abbott and Costello comedies—a far cry from the grim social realism of their 1930s films.

Ironically, Lugosi went on to help make Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein one of A&C's most popular and critically-acclaimed comedies.

Time and again the plot revolved around Sach accidentally acquiring some strange power or ability (he becomes a psychic, champion wrestler, crooner, etc.) The basic premise—Dracula schemes to transplant Costello's brain into the Frankenstein monster (played by Glenn Strange)—was duplicated a few months later by The Bowery Boys in Master Minds (1949). The Bowery Boys--Slip, Sach, Bobby, Whitey & Chuck--start their own exterminating service, and get a job which takes them to a spooky old abandoned mansion in the middle of the night. The proprietor of the malt shop where they hung out was the panicky Louie Dumbrowski (Bernard Gorcey- Leo and David's father). Bowery boys /East side kids - In the money . He was 78. For the 19th century nativist gang in New York City, see Bowery Boys.The Bowery Boys were a group of actors who made a series of films released by Monogram Pictures from 1946 through 1958. (Huntz Hall cited Shemp Howard, who did three Little Tough Guys films, as a major influence during this latter phase in the series. Connecting people through photography.

Mar 28, 2013 - Yes we had the Marx Bros. and the stooges...but lets not forget about these greats ! Story elements from their earlier films (haunted houses, mad scientists, nefarious spies) were also frequently incorporated into the new series.Like a streetwise Abbott and Costello, Gorcey and Hall became a cohesive comedy duo, extending their verbal and physical humor into broader slapstick comedy that served to increase the popularity of the series. They eventually cut a big hole in the wall. "In 1938, Universal launched its own tough-kid series, "Little Tough Guys."

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