The people went to him and said: "What shell we do? People who work for a living are not always forced to labor with their hands. A stylishly animated intergenerational Feature Film about ambition, illusion, power, the ultimate reward of courage and decency- The triumph of virtue. The "nobleman" said to Ivan: "I desire to teach you wisdom and to render you other service. The devil replied: "Say: 'So many soldiers, so much straw.'" "But why, fool, will you not fulfill your promise?" The new General taught Simeon how to strengthen his army until it became very powerful. The people went to Ivan and said: "The ruler of Tarakania is here with a large army to fight us." Simeon had just gotten safely out of the village with his soldiers when Tarras, the other Ivan was greatly surprised on hearing this statement, and said: "You might have told me this before, for I can obtain for you as much money as you wish."
"I was with your brother Tarras." We have been told that we are only to be killed." asked the devil, to which Ivan replied, "With God's blessing you may go."

Thus, defeated at every point, Tarras was compelled to abandon the idea of building. Tarras was delighted, and he said, "You might get me about three bushels." "There were never any roots here before, and this is surely one."
Ivan the Fool: The Old Devil and the Three Small Devils: Tolstoy, Leo: Books.

The soldiers decided to remain, finding the people happy and prosperous, with enough surplus food to supply many of their neighbors.

"I have no use for it," said he, "unless you wish to give it for Christ's sake; then it will be a different matter, and I will tell my The old devil was so angry that he ran away from the peasant, spitting and cursing as he went. He is a fool, and cannot marry, for no one will have him; and sister does not require anything, for she was born dumb." For what reason, then, should you now demand the third part of everything? "Why, with soldiers we can do almost anything we wish—whole The fools did not understand what he said to them and The old devil addressed them for two days from the balcony, and at the end of that time, feeling hungry, he asked the people to bring him some bread. For his valiant service in the army, Simeon received an estate The small devil then went in search of Ivan. Thus the old devil was obliged to go to sleep hungry. Ivan then ordered them off to the barn, telling the astonished and mystified moujiks that they must not follow him.

His brothers come to him and he feeds them. The Czar was overjoyed and ordered Ivan to be brought into his presence. The fools remained absorbed in thought for some time and finally went to Ivan to question him in regard to the matter. "For the reason that your gold was the means of depriving Mikhailovna of her cow." Tarras-Briukhan, the other brother, did not squander the gold he obtained from Ivan, but instead greatly increased his wealth, and at the same time lived well. Tarras needed horses and sent a messenger to purchase them, but he returned with the same story as on former occasions—that none were to be found, the "merchant" having bought them all to carry water for an artificial pond he was constructing. Try. Seeing Ivan, he said: "Well, Ivan, may we remain here until I start in some new business?" The soldiers, becoming saddened with remorse, refused further to pursue their path of destruction—the entire army scattering in many directions. Tarras was at last compelled to suspend business, as he could not find any one willing to work for him. "Glad you are satisfied," said Ivan, "and if you wish more I will make them for you. Their business was conducted entirely by exchange of farm products or by hiring themselves out to work by the day in return for whatever they most needed. There is only one unchangeable custom observed in Ivan's kingdom: The man with toil-hardened hands is always given a seat at the table, while the possessor of soft white hands must be contented with what is left. This information greatly surprised Ivan, who said: "Well, why did Tidings of this condition of affairs soon reached the ears of Ivan. Try Turning to Ivan he said: "I came to ask you to care for us until I can find something to do." His cannons and rifles were of the same pattern as Simeon's, and he invented a flying-machine from which bombs could be thrown into the enemy's camp.

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