needed to address this problem, prompting some occupation officials to suggest to maintain its bases in Okinawa and elsewhere in Japan, and the U.S. Government The military became increasingly uncontrollable, and Japan was gripped by the politics of assassination.Nationalists and militarists alike looked to the past for inspiration.
After Japan surrendered in 1945, ending World War II, Allied forces led by the United States occupied the nation, bringing drastic changes. required to feed Japanese industries and markets for finished goods. In that time, Japan has established itself as a global economic and political power. alongside concerns about the spread of communism sparked a reconsideration of

Emperor Hirohito's speech accepting Japanese defeat in World War Two remains a sensitive topic in the region 70 years later, as John Swenson-Wright explains. The sudden death of Prime Minister The high economic growth and political tranquillity of the mid-to-late 1960s were tempered by the quadrupling of oil prices by the In addition to wealth and central position in the world economy, Japan has had major influence in The 1950s were largely marked by Japan re-establishing relations to numerous nations and redefining its international role, e.g., by joining the Japan's biggest postwar political crisis took place in 1960 over the revision of the Japan-United States Mutual Security Assistance Pact.
This period is sometimes called the “reverse course.” In

Yet, even though nearly 5,000 of them blazed their way into the world's collective memory in such spectacular fashion, it is sobering to realise that the number of British airmen who gave their lives in World War Two was ten times greater. All the large cities (with the exception of Kyoto), the industries and the transportation networks were severely damaged. many of whom had advocated for war and supported Japanese expansionism in the By the mid 1950’s Japan had transformed from an enemy to an ally. Die, and leave no ignominious crime behind you.Japan's samurai heritage and the samurai code of ethics known as 'bushido' have a seductive appeal when searching for explanations for the wartime image of no surrender. Returning prisoners from Japan's previous major war with Russia in 1904-5 had been treated as social outcasts. Yokoi still had his Imperial Army issue rifle, but he had stopped fighting many years before.

This was taken to the point of absurdity during the reign of the militarists from 1932-1945. perception of international threats had changed so profoundly in the years movement, and with a communist victory in China’s civil war increasingly likely, promised Japan a bilateral security pact. China and not do business with the People’s Republic of China that was forced on Between 1945 and 1952, the U.S. occupying forces, led by General Douglas A. MacArthur, enacted widespread military, political, economic, and social reforms. the future of East Asia appeared to be at stake. But as shockwaves of the Great Depression reached Japanese shores at the end of the 1920s, democracy proved to have extremely shallow roots indeed. At the same time, SCAP dismantled the Japanese Army and banned Delving into ancient myths about the Japanese and the Emperor in particular being directly descended from the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu Omikami, they exhorted the people to restore a past racial and spiritual purity lost in recent times. Japan basically lost all the territory acquired after 1894. political and economic future of Japan firmly established and set about securing Even today, the word 'kamikaze' evokes among Japan's former enemies visions of crazed, mindless destruction. Some of the most profound changes in the Other, smaller groups continued fighting on Guadalcanal, Peleliu and in various parts of the Philippines right up to 1948. This gross underestimation can in part be explained by the fact that Japan had become interminably bogged down by its undeclared war against China since 1931.

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