652 Shunpike Rd Erie PA, 16508-2753. One option will be for ladies that have some on course golf experience and would like to jump into regular weekly play with other ladies for 9 holes. c���VX��&>z�ŵ?��᧽����mLv΁-"@Q���-zܬ�

221 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at ‘JC Martin Golf Course’ JC Martin Golf Course. City Of Erie. City Of Erie. Kahkwa Club. JC Golf is dedicated to providing the region's finest variety of golf facilities and superior guest service to those who appreciate the tradition of the game of golf. Come join us and enjoy the newly renovated, tee boxes, practice area and golf greens!Sign up with your email. %PDF-1.4
2020 JC Golf Holiday Schedule New Year’s Day, January 1 Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 20** Memorial Day, May 25 The 9-hole "Joseph Martin" course at the Joseph C. Martin Golf Course facility in Erie, Pennsylvania features 2,284 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 32. The program will be 6-8 weeks long with learning of Full swing, chipping, putting and on course & golf etiquette.Would you like more information? m�����rI�+\c�4��h��!��4��_Nem����G���j� P�RWdߐ�b� ��Ų�_1h�w�g��%�z��o�s���ml�!J��b �5SS�ƺ�W1��Ʋ;=�Dj9����,_~Xӹ8w�WC�z����P�����^ f�t-������33+h�k�ȕ�L5�9�T>�����^)�F�,T:�CϿ����lZ��˅. F,��;+��Z��s6�Q�õi~�x� This is for the very beginner golf league program meant for ladies that want to learn and currently have no experience. 652 Shunpike Rd Erie PA, 16508 814-864-1821 127 likes. Stay Informed on Clinics, junior golf, tournaments and events.. The family league ! n€l�� Very new program developing at JC Martin Golf Course.

652 Shunpike Rd Erie PA, 16508-2753. L�0h�7S&�[�ǝ�&���d��e=���;���;�� �&���ڒ2���BT/ҟ���)�������I�,/uRh��O0�c�c��[J_� *���_~}� n��ش���muc!>���У6FMs�)Ӥ�^�G ��ƒi�g��ƴ��hl����Ԭ6.$�[N�� �t��z�D������Q֣����/��qj���V�U{�h���L��EC���Q%R(Ւm��j���v'5�aK_�hY,���2�٭�h.M7��W��>C�����X~����n,�c��3 ��Z=�w�EkC7H]n�‚Rjш3@3#�����7�㗿���5nٟ�Y=t�罈%� ��D,�?����"!�u��EZ>:�1~H�hoXn-�~Z���6�����4yZ���ֺ:[O�(`�F�v���Nϗ��aӳ��oO���:dN� R�@� BL��WV�md4�x�A�;#���P?�Υ�Ĩ��kS�F�,�S|4&Uf��Z*�q'դ:S|+Y�9v�Y�u��{�J� }NB�>m�~���?��iz�r��F���*�a����.�� �drj�O> na�j�H��#ޞ4�x*4Z�I����2}�./'���^A���5�O�Z��_��� This short course is really well suited for the young and beginning players, as … ��H�5�����|��n�o�s"c�eF$F��Ƣ}%i'�0c*�"����٘%��8^qTZ=3�.��~� f�]a����}������H��/׉����7���Pk�R�t� �&�q���u�����4{әPt�/Q���,����L���x%� 5 J. C. Martin Golf Course Thursday June 28, 2018 – Starting Times DIVISION REGISTRATION OPENS STARTING TIME Girls 7-9 7:15 AM 8:00 AM Boys 7-9 7:30 AM 8:15 AM

We couldn't find the page you were looking for. Whether resort or daily fee focused, JC Golf has excellent golf courses conveniently located everywhere from Encinitas to Temecula and San Diego. A wonderful way to spend quality time on the golf course with your gang. Groups of 2 … Frank Palilla manages the course as the Golf Professional/General Manager. Text. The Erie headquarters for “Junior Golf” and a “Quick Nine”. JC Martin Golf Course. J.C. Martin Golf Course, 652 Shunpike Road, Erie, PA - Restaurant inspection findings and violations. �~��q�����0:��-�r��D��� City Of Erie. JC Martin Golf Course On West 38th St, East of Peach (next to Erie Zoo) 864-1821 $10 for 9 Holes (walking) $18 for 18 Holes All Day (walking) MONDAY THRU THURSDAY SPECIAL 7:30 AM Noon Ages 25+ 2 Per Cart $12 for 9 holes with riding cart $20 for 18 holes with riding cart Great Course for all ages&levels of Play! G+;V•a�6kB�ʄ�/��$�����8#p�^؄�K��6�˱���G��� }ВW}�ŵ�����R�(1�bpҊj8�ܲ.�7�ƞ}b93)�ҁ� �4B�?F:��T=9H�=�s��ʏ)�N�"�]+��)�w�����\O=I�m4i͎������N͌mC��!ʈQt�M"���-���f|A��eYGi�M�f��ϓ�ia�n#�ܴoyx�[��7Lf�^*{��K��j�g�r��E�F�_��ה�g��u��Q��~�U��ֆ���u5 �9

This newly renovated golf course is open to leagues, tournaments, clinics, and events. <> 5 0 obj The golf course was designed to provide players of all skill levels with a good test of golf. JC Martin Family Golf Center. Buffalo Tournament Club is a high quality, 18 hole, championship public golf facility.

h��P��\�،&����V�%]/j�QgW�H� JC Martin Golf Course. Jc Martin Golf Course is a Golf Course in Erie. ���I#������~�4�:���#d�/�ڿe��uE���+G��T�h����baT]���0�v�?���B��� ֌BLS������YPɷ(K�o�yZ.F�>�F>�5Ps����MO�Y��rI�����iZ���a%�LZ� ES)�)�ft�����6z��Nx�'b���6��� F�� ܩ�V�bI8,ckk1ϩ��n�J�� �����da����t��yoU��zYe��oG�J����l�� 3z���L���m\� v{i�X��H ��`ޚH�zg�`��u�@)I� Our JC Players Card provides free rounds of golf with the lowest guaranteed rates, and member privileges at all JC Golf courses throughout the year. PO Box 8426 Erie PA, 16505-0426. Management and staff at BTC Golf are focused on the player’s golf experience.
2020 JC Golf Holiday Schedule New Year’s Day, January 1 Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 20** Memorial Day, May 25 Joseph Martin Golf Club. Drop us an Email. 2��ڣβ�vIJ�&��ʷ�/�8�X5��P�b�7�X��M�����[��J,kB�%zS�p�1�К�3Ӄ���k��BK����Fc6���e ��i���n_�ɧ�Om���0�����3L A wonderful 9 hole city golf course located in beautiful Glenwood neighborhood. City Of Erie. 652 Shunpike Rd Erie PA, 16508 814-864-1821. Plan your road trip to Jc Martin Golf Course in PA with Roadtrippers. ;���6����/ Ο�,gr��ؒ�����5eh�� ���X4�����9����~^U���s ��f0��Gc(�]f�*�eU�4D�qUߐC�L+�2k*gO=ڟ�ƫ%^2}9T����%��r�o�zC�E����EѲ`���QeS#�����GKO}m~|~��ؽ;�Ҷ; �~g�J� ��1�/N^p�k���� x��]�r�r���+�[�S�xpΛl)JNٖ-39��Ƀ.�%��#����HR��4�И�ٛ��*�hpk �=@qr7ƿ�����ݛO'���ٓ������?��'���/��?��a՜�>��R�� =�N������ӿ۟�'d��o��N�!g9�z���a��rxo�����߿�����:���u����8X)G�O��rP�ky�n&��u���gP�q���{5�|8}�j�Ч��Y��������EK}��� �~�JN����ym�

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