“We re-purpose ameoba in the soil to clear plant infections,” said executive director Mark Benedyk.The company’s lead product is a treatment for soft rot in potatoes, Benedyk said. Live Undiscovered Music. Find music you won’t hear anywhere else. Note: Things happen. Concert dates shown may not be accurate. Sign me up!

He said Gym Dandy puts the process online, making it faster and more economical for both sports groups and venues.Kartos said the Madison Parks Division uses GymDandy and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation recently came on board, as well.AmebaGone has come up with a new way to attack the bacterial diseases that destroy plants — employing organisms within the soil itself. A UW–Madison startup called LÜM will launch an app designed to build support for unrecognized artists, at an event from 7:30 p.m. to midnight on Friday, August 17, at Monona Terrace. Churches and non-profit community groups around Madison host occasional coffeehouses that feature traditional folk musicians and other acoustic artists as a way of bringing the community together. In this arena of trying to promote live music, LUM has already partnered with Strange Music Oasis to host a show featuring local talent on March 14, at the Frequency in Madison.

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LÜM gives them exposure to build a base and move up to more mainstream music outlets, he said.LÜM was one of five young companies that took the stage for the Pressure Chamber competition.The others were DataChat, GymDandy, AmebaGone and Breathe for Life.DataChat, founded by UW-Madison computer sciences professor and serial entrepreneur Jignesh Patel, analyzes data to give business leaders the type of information they need to make decisions.Data is called “the new oxygen” for companies to survive, Patel said.But it’s not only for businesses.

Concerts and shows in clubs and venues large and small, throughout the Madison area, even the restaurant gigs, in Dane County and Madison, Wisconsin. First Name.

A big part of their focus is to change the way that fans view the relationship between streaming and circulating music while finding how it correlates to live music shows.

Please subscribe to keep reading. Three judges from out-of-state venture capital firms and the audience all cast votes.Fergus said it was “absolutely phenomenal” that LÜM won Pressure Chamber.LÜM will launch its app on Friday, but already has more than 1,000 musicians nationwide lined up to use the platform, Fergus said.Pressure Chamber was part of neXXpo, a Greater Madison Chamber networking event that also showcases exhibits by 35 innovative local companies.They ran the gamut from Shukrah, with hair and beauty products planned for multi-ethnic women, to Goods Unite Us, an app that displays which political parties have received contributions from companies, to Borrowed Bar, with taps for beer and wine mounted in a decorative wall that can be rented for parties.Participants at neXXpo chose seven of the exhibiting companies as finalists for the Chamber’s Most Innovative Company award: Breathe for Change, Curtis & Cake, The Digital Ring, Domeloz, Goods Unite Us, LocknCharge, and ThirdSpace. Join the Undiscovered Music community now to get notified about upcoming shows in your area! Listen to the new. Founded: 2018. Always verify concert information with the venue themselves before attending. Garden Party Concerts (Nashville) Listening Rooms. First Name. “It lets fans control the direction of their music.”Fergus said while streaming music is becoming highly popular, fewer than 1 percent of musicians make a decent income that way.

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We will be throwing a party at Brittingham Park in Madison, and everyone is invited. Live Undiscovered Music is a music streaming and discovery application built upon a social media network with the goal of optimizing organic music growth for … Madison startup Live Undiscovered Music takes the Pressure Chamber prize. The company, whose technology came from the lab of UW-Madison bacteriology professor Marcin Filutowicz, already has received more than $3 million in grants.Breathe for Change says its mission is to “change the world, one teacher at a time.” Co-founders Ilana Nankin and Michael Fenchel said their company teaches not only yoga and wellness but also social and emotional learning.Breathe for Change certified 600 educators last year, “from pre-kindergarten to higher education,” Fenchel said, and expects to triple that figure this year.Nankin gave the audience a taste of the company’s message, as she wrapped up her presentation. Again, this event is inclusive to ALL!! Connect with new music and artists on LÜM.

LÜM, or Live Undiscovered Music, is the winner of Pressure Chamber, the pitch contest for startups staged by the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce at the Overture Center on Thursday.

Contact host You can cancel at any time. Madison startup Live Undiscovered Music takes the Pressure Chamber prize.
The winner will be announced later this year at the Chamber’s nex7 Stage event.Pressure Chamber and neXXpo were part of the first day of activities in the Forward Festival, an eight-day celebration of entrepreneurs and innovation. A Madison startup that boosts new musicians by creating an online fan base will see if Silicon Valley investors sing to its tune.LÜM, or Live Undiscovered Music, is the winner of Pressure Chamber, the pitch contest for startups staged by the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce at the Overture Center on Thursday.The prize: a “golden suitcase” — representing a Chamber-sponsored trip to California to meet with venture capitalists.LÜM gives unknown artists a social media platform to play their music and lets music fans promote their favorites through online games.“It’s a music discovery and streaming platform for the next generation,” said co-founder and CEO Max Fergus. {{promotional_format_dollars}}{{promotional_price}}{{promotional_format_cents}} {{term}} Discover the next.

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