We would consider anywhere in Australia at the moment.

I suppose much depends on your schedule at uni and how much you want to be together Good luck though, BobSo, before I answer you Georgia, are you looking to specifically live in the Gold Coast (being as you posted your question on my page about Gold Coast) or are you considering anywhere in Australia?No, we’re not just considering the Gold Coast. So if you’re husband is working in Coolangatta, it might be best to stay on the Queensland side otherwise it might just drive him a little mad.That said, the northern part of Queensland, the Tweed Coast, has a lot going for it…But then again I also really liked some of the suburbs slightly north of Coolangatta, like Tugun, Currumbin and and Palm Beach…For the latest on prices and schools though, please see I really like the whole area though, as far as I’m concerned anywhere along that stretch of coast would be living the dream. I saw the changes then – a growing community, a retro, vintage vibe and evolving cafe scene and one of the best family friendly beaches in Australia.

I've been here over 26 years, and like many people who are a part of the fabric of our community, I first came as a visitor - as a Brownie in the Girl Guides organization, when I was only nine or ten.

We too are moving from the uk to that area at approx xmas time.

But if Surfers is still too busy for you, there are plenty of other beaches to choose from in the area that are even quieter.So beaches, mountains, hinterland, theme parks, canals, surely this has got to be the best place to live in Australia?

I am seriously thinking with my daughter of relocating there.

There are over 50 suburbs on the Gold Coast, and new ones being created every year to house the people who keep flocking to the Gold Coast.

Compare the Cost of Living in Gold Coast with any other city in the world.

We actually run a very successful drive-in / takeaway and sit-down here. I have a background in construction (sales/client liaison/admin etc) and am struck at how cheap a 2 bedroom unit is in say Mermaid Waters.

Generally speaking Hedges Avenue at Mermaid Beach … What I can tell you though is I do love the whole Tweed Coast area, it’s all very nice down that way.I have several posts about it, he is one of them and at the bottom of that page you’ll find links to 3 more…We are moving from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to the Gold Coast as my husband has just accepted a job offer in Bundall.

Other than that, hopefully a local will give you more advice than I can.Maybe the Tamborine Mountains would be best for me?I think you would love Tamborine Mountain, it’s beautiful up there. It’s the place where the I’m a celebrity guests from the UK spend the night before being thrown into the ‘outback’.I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the area safety wise, but the following page can help you look into that further for anywhere in Australia…Well I will need to leave this to a local to give you a better answer than I can, although I have been to both of these suburbs and I liked them both.

The people, good, cafes, entertainment, beaches, sunshine, weather and everything is so fantastic about it. Could you give us any information on specific towns that would be good for us? It’s also considered the best university in Australia for international student support.On top of universities, you’ll find several colleges and TAFE campuses on the Gold Coast offering courses in all kinds of areas, including cookery, hospitality, design, tourism, IT and more.While the Gold Coast is smaller than big capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, there are plenty of opportunities to secure work and build a career. Hope that helps, BobBrilliant Thankyou.

So I’ll share with you now more why we think it’s the most livable destination in Australia.I’ll keep this short and sweet as the rest of my points will tie into this.The Gold Coast is a great place to live for families.

Im then or in 2=3 months time wanting to relocate move to the gold coastWell, this is a question I will best leave to the locals, I just don’t know the area well enough to advise. I note that they have lots of theme parks etc which will be popular with families, and I’ve heard the houses are a bit bigger than the overpriced apartments in Sydney! Maybe we were just rushing. With three universities located on the Gold Coast and a large TAFE Institute in … Anyone know? The cafe and restaurant scene is exploding, craft brew is on the rise, and the farmers market keeps getting better and better.We have many people ask us why we chose Burleigh and the Gold Coast, after seeing the whole country.

I have done tons of research on housing, Jobs, cost of living, lifestyle etc, the above are just a few of the unanswered ones.I’ll tell you a bit about myself and maybe that will help you in providing me the information I require: I love nature and the sea, I hate hustle and bustle and large crowds and traffic!

As for the car, you don’t need to have one, there’s a pretty good transport system in the Gold Coast. Join our community for insider tips and updates!Caroline Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravel Blog. I just have a few questions that I need clarifying so I have a bit more direction when I land. Soon after I clicked again and I realized I hit a gold mine of information and bookmarked the site I’m a Sydney guy looking to cash in my Sydney equity and buy a dream house.I’ve heard the Sydney set really like the Burleigh Heads/Currumbin end of GC because it’s a bit more low key without the touristy glitz of Surfers.

The gravity games were on for the first time and I still remember going into bicycle stores and shops looking for directions to the nearest skate park and people were so accommodating. While we were in Melbourne, the people appeared kind of stuck up or cold. You will, of course, need a visa that will allow you to work here as well, so do be sure to look into that.

Right now there are over 575,000 people living on the Gold Coast and this number grows by the 1000's daily. Been doing business for the last 24 years and a keen favourite with our locals… So hoping that will win over the folk of the Gold Coast…Australians do love their coffee, as long as it’s not Starbucks…Lol we don’t even have a Starbucks here.. There’s a lot of fresh, creative energy here.I love that I get more of my produce now at my local farmer’s market (and organic at that) rather than Coles or Woolworths. .

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