When the original show ended, she spent the years in between working on several other projects for Tyler Perry, who was also responsible for House of Payne. In 2006, he earned the role of Malik Payne on the TBS sitcom, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.Shaw’s character, Malik, is a witty teenage boy whose antics often get him in unintentional trouble. This lead some fans to wonder if he had chosen to retire from acting altogether. BET officially reopened the doors to Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on Wednesday with a family reunion eight years in the making. Aired 9-2-2020 Malik unexpectedly returns home from college to tell his family life-changing news, but before he spills his secret, he turns to Calvin for advice.

He continues to be a regular cast member on The Paynes.As you might have already guessed, House of Payne was an immensely popular show that lasted for a number of seasons. As it turns out, the actors loved playing in the show as much as audiences loved watching it. Larramie 'Doc' Shaw Malik Payne 274 Episodes (2006-2020) Denise Burse Claretha 273 Episodes (2006-2020) Cassi Davis Ella Payne 264 Episodes (2007-2020)

Categories: 353-TV House Of Payne Tags: House Of Payne Tyler Perrys House Of Payne. Categories: 353-TV House Of Payne Tags: House Of Payne Tyler Perrys House Of Payne. Hate to see itI’m not saying anything is wrong with him but the same things y’all said about Chadwick y’all are doing to Doc Shaw who plays Malik on House of Payne. The show just started this year, but so far he’s been in every episode.

Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne Bloopers - Curtis & Malik Season 6, Episode 28 - Watch The Son Shine I DO NOT OWN OR CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO CONTENT. With LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Lance Gross. It's no theory, these shows are proven to make you laugh © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Weiss to Adapt The Three-Body… 353TV September 2, 2020 0 Comments 11 Views On episode 2, Malik confesses to Curtis that he thinks Lisa is pregnant. Actor Doc Shaw, best known as Malik Payne on the sitcom “Tyler Perry's House of Payne,” has lost weight and looks completely different nowadays.

Since that time, he’s also guest starred on the television show Love Daily, performing on one episode. Whether you love or hate him, there’s no denying that nobody does it quite like Tyler Perry.The American multi-talent has given us plenty of entertainment to enjoy over the years but many fans will argue that it never got better than House of Payne.This gem of a sitcom premiered back in 2006 and aired for an impressive eight seasons, even spawning a spin-off – The Paynes – which ran for 38 episodes.Audiences couldn’t help but become so comfortable with the Payne family over the years and the series’ absence has been truly felt since it concluded airing.Luckily, it has finally returned to screens for a ninth season and fans are already cherishing a TV event which many felt would never materialise.The cast is back and clearly having such a fantastic time bringing these characters back to us, but certain audiences are detracting from what should be a celebration…Sadly, there have been plenty of audiences on Twitter who have attempted to make negative comments about his appearance.Additionally, some have made assumptions with no evidence to support their tweets.Honestly, it’s just wonderful to see the actor back and enjoying his time as Malik once again.It’s also nice to see so many flock to Twitter and address why it’s so important to refrain from attacking somebody’s appearance.Nevertheless, it’s a shame that this still has to be acknowledged.A number of fans and audiences have been appalled by the tweets criticising the actor’s appearance.In response, they’ve tweeted out a number of respectful comments, with some rightfully pointing out just how damaging comments on the internet can be to somebody’s mental health.Everyone talking about Malik’s appearance on House of Payne …I thought y’all was just saying don’t judge nobody you don’t know what they going through soooooPeople are talking about the appearance of the actor who plays Malik from house of Payne and I’m just like did we learn nothing from Chadwick passing and not knowing what ppl are going throughY’all talking about how Malik from house of Payne look now like y’all wasn’t just saying “you don’t know what people going through” 5 days ago.

NEW YORK – February 4, 2020 – BET Networks and Tyler Perry Studios announce the return of the hit series, “TYLER PERRY’S HOUSE OF PAYNE” which has begun production on its seventh season. Calvin (Lance Gross) was the first to suspect that Malik’s girlfriend might be pregnant, offering his nephew this incredibly helpful piece of advice: “One thing you don’t want is a crazy baby mama.

A multi-generational family lives together under one roof. At the time the show started back in 2006, it was easily one of the most well received shows to air during that time. TV Guide celebrates the series that made us laugh, broke our hearts, and threw us a lifeline during these wild times

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