Marxists argued that both capitalism and middle-class husbands exploited women.1.

De Beauvoir also emphasized the need for women to control their own lives. STUDY.
The major reason for this march is that the poor women of Paris felt that the price of the bread is too high to afford, they just wanted to feed themselves and their families. The era is cited on the front, and the events on the back. decisions & giving advice on appointments & foreign policyhigh court of Paris; restored w/ the power to approve or disapprove the king's decreesman appointed by Louis XV as chancellor; was ordered to subdue judicial oppositionking after Louix XV; dismissed Maupeou & repudiated Maupeou's laws; old Parlment of Paris was reinstatedclergy; less than 1% of population but owned 20% of the landnobility; 2-4% of total population; exempt from taxationa few rich merchants or professionals, mostly urban artisans, the middle class, unskilled workers, & the mass of the peasants; bore the majority of the tax burdennew middle class in France; demanded that polictical & social power be congruent w/ their emerging economic power; resented the first & second estates who held all political & social powersystem that obligated peasants to work for nobles several days a yeargovt. See more ideas about French revolution, French history, History. In "The Courtier," Baldassare Castiglione wrote that the perfect court lady should be well-educated and charming. John Stuart Mill wrote "The Subjection of Women." Woman’sMarch on Versailles
By: Vanessa Pham

Spell. Although women's suffrage commanded wide attention, it achieved few successes. reflected emergence of political factions in the revolution competing for powerpolitical group named after its political club; came to dominate the Legislative Assemblya group of the Jacobins; became the left or advanced party of the Revolution in the Legislative Assembly & led the country into war; more moderate than the Mountain & predominantly ruraldocument issued by Prussia & Austria; baically, a bluff by Leopold I of Austria b/c he needs to slow the Revolution down & rid himself of French emigresFrench nobles who fled France; influenced prussia & Austria to declare the restoration of the French monarchy as their goalFrench revolutionary forces were soundly defeated by the Austrian military; intensified existing unrest & dissatisfaction of unpropertied classesissued by Prussia & Austria & threatened to destroy Paris if the royal family was harmed; in response, Jacobin mobs seized power in Paristhe king's palace in Paris was stormed & the king was taken prisoner after fleeing to the Legislative Assemblythe revolutionary municipal govt. which would abolish private property & enforce equality; regarded as a precursor to modern communismwhen Napoleon takes over in France; upon returning from Egypt w/ his forces, Napoleon drove legislators from the Legislative Assemblywhen Napoleon drove legislators from the Legislative Assembly, a new constitution established the beginning of this era

Madame Geoffrin was the most influential of the salon hostresses.1.

In 1900, no country in Europe allowed women the right to vote.1. March on Versailles: Or the 'Bread March of Women' was due to bread shortages and increasingly high prices. TheWomen’s Motive? Salons gave educated women a voice in cultural affairs. The number in parentheses is the number of major things that took place in each era. The Women's March on Versailles was an important event at the start of the French Revolution. 12hkuehl. Led by Simone de Beauvoir, European feminists called attention to social problems that women faced. Dec 4, 2012 - Explore Mr. Haven's board "APEuro" on Pinterest.

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