"Despite his silence about Natasha's death, Carlos Fuentes calls drug-related crime "the paramount issue facing my country right now". La muerte de Natasha Fuentes Lemus, al parecer por un paro cardiorrespiratorio, ocurre casi seis años después del fallecimiento de su hermano Carlos, de 25 años, que sufría hemofilia. "The USA has refused to commit to any responsibility. Natasha Fuentes Lemus, de 29 años de edad, hija del escritor mexicano Carlos Fuentes y de la periodista Silvia Lemus, fue hallada muerta el pasado lunes 22 de agosto bajo un puente del barrio de Tepito, en la Colonia Morelos, de Ciudad de México. "Her boyfriends were usually rock stars or .

"For many years, his left-wing politics barred him from entering the US.
My father is a great writer.

They're present." Briefly, he collaborated with Garcia Marquez on film screenplays but their literary eyes hindered their efforts: "We spent a lot of time worrying about commas in the script.

But he maintains an exacting travel schedule. His novels imagine nightmarish scenarios to ward off imminent dangers. "His first marriage, to Mexican actor Rita Macedo, lasted for 14 years, despite his affairs with the likes of actors Jean Seberg and Jeanne Moreau. Aridjis trails off. El primero en dar el pésame a Fuentes fue el escritor colombiano Gabriel García Márquez.

Together, Carlos and Silvia had two children, Carlos and Natasha, deceased aged 25 and 30. CARLOS FUENTES, novelist, essayist, ex-diplomat and Mexico's roving international mouthpiece, is many things - including, he will have it, an exorcist.

In 2005, Fuentes and Lemus lost their second child, Natasha, aged 30.The Mexican media reported different versions of Natasha's death. "Born in Panama City, he spent most of his childhood in Washington DC, where his father was legal counsellor of the Mexican embassy. La muerte de Natasha Fuentes Lemus, hija del escritor mexicano Carlos Fuentes, está rodeada de incertidumbre. El chico se iría a estudiar a Londres pero la ciudad lo agobiaba. Fuentes rereads With a new 600-page novel just out in Spanish, the author of more than 30 books feels at the top of his game.

"He knew he would die young, therefore he created a lot," Fuentes says.With the ascent of Sarah Palin, Fuentes feared becoming an unwitting prophet again - his 2002 novel, The title is an ironic reference to the opener of Leo Tolstoy's By phone from London, he has the breathless energy and didactic tone of someone accustomed to holding forth at podiums. But Mexico would not export drugs if there weren't buyers in the USA." Pressed, Fuentes will say only, "Tragedy" and demands the next question.In a commentary with the photo, Fuentes writes about how, aged 11, Natasha was sent to French boarding school: "She cried for a return to the security of what she called 'my beautiful house'. . When Paz died in 1998, Fuentes didn't attend his funeral.
Fuentes backed the 1979 Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and was an early supporter of Fidel Castro's Cuba. She remembers Natasha as "always slightly detached from reality but in a very beautiful and moving way".Natasha's parents, proud of her beauty and charm, bought her expensive clothes and hoped she would become a glittering society girl. Carlos Fuentes Lemus nació en París y murió a los 25 años en Puerto Vallarta (México).

México, D F, 24 de agosto (apro)- La tragedia se cierne sobre la familia del escritor Carlos Fuentes y su esposa, la periodista Silvia Lemus A la pérdida de su hijo Carlos Rafael, hace seis años, se suma la de su hija Natasha, cuyo cadáver fue hallado el sábado pasado en una vecindad de … He divides the year between homes in London and Mexico City, where the custom of four-hour lunches and his vast social network leave little time for writing.In London, he has a relatively quiet life with his wife of 36 years, Mexican television presenter Sylvia Lemus. Rumour also has it that she was kidnapped and stabbed to death by gang members. Fuentes tuvo una hija de su primer matrimonio con la actriz Rita Macedo y dos -los fallecidos Natasha y Carlos- con la periodista Silvia Lemus. Now at work on a novel about Colombian guerillas, he remarks: "I have more energy than ever.

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