No. “The kids are alright” means that they’re okay. One popular tweetOn January 29th, a series of "Literally No One" tweets were featured by Ruin My Week.On February 5th, the trend was covered by Pop Buzz.I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes this meme. Is there some authority enforcing this? Spellcheck even has a red line under Aluminium right now. Over time, people drop the capital as words become more common place. [I generally hyphenate: “no-one” – is there much anecdotal evidence of this practice elsewhere?I’ve never seen no-one ever before. So I’m going with “no one else” As in “I saw no one else for a week” opposed to “I saw no one, noone, or no-one for a week” Next debate – is it “dressing gown” or “housecoat”. When I see someone use ” no-one”, I wonder if they still use “to-morrow” and “to-day” as well. )You will find that if you capitalize “OK”, spellcheck will not pick up on it.I have always understood “all right” as the correct in either context (and to the previous comments, I’m American). But fair enough, I’ve stared at it for a while now trying to see what you meant and suddenly the ‘face’ thing popped into view; I suppose if you’re not expecting the actual face to be upside-down then you could imagine you were looking at something completely different for a moment, especially when the picture is this small. What’s the matter with me?The abstraction fusing set designations (no, some, any, every) with the indefinite ‘one’ is easy on the mind. Just like all the same words with the indefinite-inanimate … Notwithstanding this, I still find myself using odd words that may or may not be real words, through similar abstractions. a Dutch word meaning whatever? Newspaper is the only noun in the subject.The only ambiguity here is are we talking about read in the present tense (reed), or the past tense (red)?
Definition of no one will be any the wiser in the Idioms Dictionary. While the exact origin of the posts starting with the phrases such as "In the following months, tweets describing various individuals providing unsolicited opinions and making spontaneous decisions appeared on the platform (examples below). (There is a family name Noone, pronounced noon.)
Perhaps you always capitalize “Tap Water”.In old English all nouns were capitalised, as they still are in German I believe. Love words? No-one (or no one) is virtually the logical opposite of both “anyone” and “everyone,” but it is the only of the three that has not been fused into one word… I can’t quite wrap my head around that fact, since “no one X does this” and “no one does this” express two COMPLETELY different tones. One problem that I think we run into is that we say, “this is the UK way” vs. “this is the American way” without realizing that there are vastly different ways of speaking within America. Here, the word no-one is meant to mean just that; the word ‘no-one’. :)‘All right’ is the correct form. :)I would argue that each is correct in informal writing, when used in the proper context. Declarative phrase appearing at the end of a statement which effectively negates the meaning of the previously stated text.

It’s the only choice for the subject; must be a pronoun here.In 2, it’s clear that one is modifying newspaper. Looks sorta like the red man from the later Satr Wars movie, like episode 2.Cheers Chris, what a charming comment — “creepy”, indeed. Question is, by 2100 … will the fission become irreversible, or given the boundary eroding nature of The Internet, will it not?I don’t think we’re on a track to bifurcation, GoatGuy. Because 'one' in the 'no one' is a numeral, 'no one of noun' is invalid if the noun is an uncountable one. I feel the same way about “ain’t” and several other common mistakes.What about anyone or everyone? everyone's best friend. )In 1, it’s clear that read is the verb, so ‘one’ cannot be an adjective. I was taught “no one”. I… Knowone guy who did that?I agree, it is now standard practice to use “no one” instead of the classic “noone,” for obvious reasons.I can think of a few examples that could possibly justify it. When in the context of a thing or situation being right without smirch, then alright is pretty accurate. This was the early 1990s.My understanding is that languages evolved much faster before the stabilizing effects of standardized spelling, the printing press, radio, television, etc.

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