I downloaded FF7 from NPS to play in Andrenaline and want to find a patched version. I understand that there are retranslated mods for FF7, but on PC or PSX version. PQube previously attempted to bring the previous title, Omega Labyrinth Z, to the West, but were blocked by Sony. Both the ESRB and PEGI did rate the game, respectively with an M for Mature and a 18+. Hope we get some news about that game.

The press release clarifies  that there won’t be any.“This game is adapted from the Nintendo Switch version of “Omega Labyrinth Life”. The game was …

it just keeps getting worse… sigh… I mean, just having a girl in a bikini in a game is enough to have a sex tag… Like 90% of JRPGs have this tag… witch-hunt i guess…So basically the only difference between this game here and the literally thousands of others just like it is that the devs tried also releasing on consoles and outside Japan. Updated: Thanks for all the instructions in the comment section. Thanks.

When I say anime games, I do not mean Japanese games. It Is A Best RPG Game. The visual novel that's above is just nothing less of a porn novel in comparison to something like Clannad a romance novel or an erie thriller novel like Higurashi no naku koro ni (When they cry).
Omega Labyrinth Z PC Release on Steam “Not Out of the Question” After PS4 and PS Vita Cancellation.

Omega Labyrinth Z, however, is unsaveable because its entire basis “promotes the sexualisation of children via the sexual interaction between the game player and the female characters.” As a result of a comprehensive breakdown of Omega Labyrinth Z’s features, the VSC Rating Board argues the game could be dangerous for children to play and is, therefore, refusing to provide a classification rating whatsoever.“There is a serious danger that impressionable people, i.e. Sound about right?Judging by the trailer, it's not outright hentai, just borderline hentai, which I'm guessing is why Sony allowed it, though from what I've seen…Judging by past games, either you make it borderline hentai and release it on consoles ONLY in Japan or you make it outright hentai or an eroge, but only if it's a PC exclusive, in which case it can also have a worldwide release. Title. Following the Omega Labyrinth Z PC Release on Steam “Not Out of the Question” After PS4 and PS Vita CancellationOmega Labyrinth Z PC Release on Steam “Not Out of the Question” After PS4 and PS Vita CancellationWhile Omega Labyrinth Z won't come to PS4 and PS Vita in the west, PQube isn't ruling out the possibility of releasing the game on Steam. But when there's so much of this, you can't help but generalize. The PS4 and PS Vita game Omega Labyrinth Z was originally planned for a North American and European release before ultimately being canned by the Western publisher, PQube, in order to “comply with the wishes of the platform holder”. This game contains partial nudity, sexual themes, harsh language, and content that may not be suitable for all ages. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!

PQube mentioned that while a port would be expensive (“about 100k on its own”), and this isn’t a light decision to take, a release on Steam is “not out of the question.” That being said “it’s not in the pipes right now.”The whole situation is certainly unpleasant, especially considering that PQube already spent resources on the localization, and it isn’t exactly a large publisher with infinite budgets.Luckily, the publisher isn’t giving up on this kind of games, Hopefully, PQube will be able to launch the game on Steam, and at least recoup the costs incurred for the localization so far.

Although it does not contain any graphic sexual content, it does have a mode where characters can be touched and as such may not be appropriate for the workplace. All rights reserved. Das Entwicklerstudio PQube hat bekannt gegeben, das Roguelike Omega Labyrinth Z im Westen nicht zu veröffentlichen. Omega Labyrinth Life is available now on Nintendo Switch, and launches December 10th for Windows PC (via Steam).

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