Mike sits up and is talking to Emily. Amir is looking at the camera but doesn’t remember being snapped. When they cross over to the dark zone, they get thrown randomly to a reality like ball in a roulette wheel. She also talks about the Tunguska Event – when a meteoroid entered atmosphere over Siberia. Mike and Lee are a couple and have called for a dinner at their house.Kevin is moving some place for 4 months and wants Emily Prime to join, she is hesitant. Due to past events between people in the group, there are various fights that break out.

He says he’s made his set of bad decisions and is now stuck in this reality.Suddenly, another Mike with a green glow stick enters the house. Mike is freaked out because if he’s suggesting that they should kill the people in the other house, his double is plotting the exact same thing. The reality that Emily Prime is in now will permanently have 2 Emilys in it. She asks everyone for their earlier number behind their photos and they give it to her. At first, two of the guys exit the house to go make a phone call from the “other house” and cross over into another reality. Kevin meets her, gives her the ring he says he found in the bathroom. Amir and Hugh decide to go to the other house to try and make contact with Hugh’s brother. On answering the call, he gives a suspicious look towards Emily Prime and she stares back with guilt. Finally, she stumbles upon a reality where they are not fighting. She wakes up the next morning on the sofa. Beth says she has these drops which is a concoction of her own. This is a different Kevin. So technically the house and the people are like the cat. Emily Prime sneaks into this house.

And that she and Mike need to go back and find their original reality before the comet passes, else they will be stuck in the wrong reality forever.
She cross verifies. She explains that Lee and Beth are originally from this house as they never left. Mike gets his glow sticks. During their dinner, there is a comet that is passing over them. She then puts forward a theory. Emily Prime mentions about an older comet event – where a woman claimed that her husband wasn’t her husband because she had killed him the day before. Remember, it’s the powercut that makes them head out and start crossing into the dark zone. Emily Prime explains that this comet Comet a lot closer this time. Each of the realities has the group fighting over something or the other. Using that secret he wants to blackmail his other self from getting that book from the car. Kevin decides to leave to get them back. They find a way to mark the house. In the process, she drops her ring. The reality we are shown in the end will have two Emilys and this will be the case of an identity crisis for them. Emily Prime asks if Beth put any of the drops in the food. Hugh gets pissed off. They now feel that they can’t trust their doubles. However, the number series she remembers doesn’t match what is already in the notebook. The explosion caused trees to get flattened over 2000 sq km but there were no human casualties.
Mike has a similar box so he tries to use his key to open it, it opens. Lee wakes up.Mike has a private conversation with Kevin. During their dinner, there is a comet that is passing over them. Mike now brings up the fact that they are all from different realities – all of Emily Prime’s theories. She is the central character and is the only one we constantly follow. So far they think there are only 2 houses and 2 sets of them (but in reality there are infinite). Hugh and Amir are back. No one has phones. They open the box with the blue glow sticks and grab one each. They go over to the other house, Mike says it’s his house. So by taking away their book, this whole situation can be avoided in the other house. He feels he will die when the collapse of realities happens. It triggers a whole series of events. The group talks about the weird dark zone they pass. Emily Prime steps out. Amir notes that his pic is from tonight. But I was wrong. She picks up Beth’s drops. Mike’s knocked out. Note he writes reads “Hey there, don’t mean to freak you guys but we just wanted to borrow your phone for 5 min tops. Beth hints of what happened to Emily Prime. Lee and Mike are the hosting couple. He’s regularly available for a chat conversation on his website and consults on storyboarding from time to time.In case you’re new to the site, here’s how it works. Note that it is not just two realities that have come toget… Beth gets tensed and has a nose bleed, it drips on Laurie. The reality that Emily Prime is in now will permanently have 2 Emilys in it.

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