The first Aaron never went to the party. At some point, Aaron Prime has to disappear by going into the box in order to create Aaron 2, leaving only one Aaron. This is problematic for Aaron because if he is never told about the boxes then his doubles will not vacate timelines that he intends on occupying by entering the box at the intervals in which he did. "Aaron Three and Abe Two wind up at the airport. Thanx!!!! It takes the subject of time travel, and all the implications that follow, and lays them out in the most complicated, but accurate fashion possible. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Primer comes in …

A new timeline is created everytime someone (or several people) exit a box. If the phone in Aaron's hand is ringing then, so Aaron and Abe reason, the phone in the hotel cannot be ringing. If Aron 3 saves the party incident on monday the complete week ahead of them should change,right ... Travel Size Hangover 3-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray. But I really am not sure. Anyways this could be a failsafe box or some other box.There's one thing I'm curious about that I haven't seen anyone address yet... I also wonder about nested running boxes. He's comfortable there.

Caruth intended to use the Granger incident to show the effect of paradoxes using his operable theory of time travel; and as a catalyst for the films final scenes and big reveal. The remark about crushed ice at the start of the film is more about establishing scenery. So Granger is struck into a comatose state because his interaction with Abe "breaks" his personal timeline. Leaps and bounds better than the Prestige.It just popped into my head this evening: How did Aaron bring the failsafe machine back with him? who is inside the box. @Jim The film indicates that it took Aaron a total of 3 attempts to get the outcome of the party just right, (according to his liking), with the original version of events at the party not having Aaron been there at all. If one person stopped their previous self from getting in, all non primes of that person and timelines would cease to exist. What would happen if Abe, before trying the machine the very first time (say on 2013-oct-15), decided to turn on the machine at 11:45am, then hide with binoculars around 12pm kinda far away and then wait for his future self to come out while strictly adhering the following rule: That is why Abe turns on the failsafe machine Monday morning. The dirty ice is caused by breaking in the new water filter. I also thought of what I think might be an inconsistency, what happens to Aaron 1 when he uses the fail safe device and then relives that week, this time recording all the conversations as Aaron 2. (emphasis mine) ." @Romain: Your breakdown of how the machine works in the film is accurate. But this only means that for that last 'loop' from Aaron's perspective, he only need 'allow' Abe to enter the first failsafe while he enters the second. Or lets say you turn it on now and wait fifty years till someone invents a zero point energy machine. (This could have fueled his rationale to begin altering the universe himself, since from his perspective it's likely other people have already been doing it). Truth is that a few minutes into your own personal timeline's future, there IS someone in the box (he is going back in time from everyone else's POV). In this explanation, Aaron 3 convinces Aaron 2 to leave town and not go back in the box.

Indeed, it is all subjective. I'd hazard a guess that if indeed the large warehouse is to be a time machine, it could not only be used to take back large supplies of oxygen, food and supplies, it could also concievably be used to contain a dwelling, cars, helicopters, weapons, or ANY technology. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). You turn machines A and B on at 6 am Monday morning.

Now You2 has the foreknowledge of Thursday’s stock market but now its Friday – how to use the foreknowledge? My work has appeared on TVOvermind, IGN, and most importantly, a segment on The Colbert Report at one point.If you haven’t seen this film (like me), this short info graph will fling you in the right direction of the movie info graph:Just now finding this, huh? This explanation is awesome! His interaction with Aaron2 ensures that Aaron2 (hoodie Aaron) will NEVER get into the failsafe on Friday, since Aaron2 left town. Maybe the only logical and useful application for a time-machine would be to give it to lesser minds who would not be able to resist using it, for money, patents, and to be left to do without them weighing you down. Therefore it was making forward and backward trips which resulted in a doubling of the minutes it had experienced subjectively. So after seeing the movie for the second time, I think I got how the machine works. Now all this is long before the fateful Monday in March when the whole main plot begins. Time is a subjective notion, you don't have one omnipotent person that observes the general timeline. Aaron is so smart that he knows he needs to keep as close to the same appearance as possible to try to keep the conversations the same. So to answer your question, what he is trying to accomplish is to produce an outcome of perfect results for himself, an obsession that has consumed him since he became intoxicated with the power to travel through time and set things howeveri he sees fit. the second time we see them on the bench on Monday, it's Abe's double and Aaron 3. IDK, I really wanted to expound on the original movie and fix the plot holes, I'm just a time travel nerd. You cannot use the same box to continuously loop through the same day.They make some more money on the stock market. As 3rd Aaron he interacts with his past self (2nd Aaron) and convinces him to leave.

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