of these types of sleepers are shown in Fig. The sleeper has a trapezoidal cross section with a width with a tie bar. The two RCC sleeper blocks are connected by an the axis of the rail. The �@��W��J������ -��:Ղ�2���A����� We Manufacture and Supply Railway Track Material such as Turnouts, Switches, Points and Crossings, CMS Crossings, Fabricated Crossings, Tongue Rails, Check Rails, Fish Plates etc. 3. Railway Type of sleepers Quantity Delivery date 4 QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN & ISO CERTIFICATION Contract details : S.No. PSC sleeper refers to steel reinforced concrete sleeper, commonly used on railway tracks. For this, in order to reduce operation & maintenance volume and, in the other hand, for more recognition of B70 sleepers used in Iranian Railways, some studies and field investigations carried out on concrete sleepers and its results expressed as categorization of concrete sleeper failures.
its manufacture has since been stopped.A design strand to be tensioned with an initial tensile force of 2730 kgMono-block post-tension type of concrete h�̖�k�@������ %M)�a,d}�R��(+�.��? Mono-block It is specified as M + x or N + x, where M or N is the length of the rail in metres and x is a number that varies according to factors such as (a) axle load and speed, (b) type and section of rails, (c) type and strength of the sleepers, (d) type of ballast and ballast cushion, and (e) nature of formation. strength of concrete at the time of applying prestress = 450 kg/ The use of concrete sleepers sleepers are likely to become centre-bound unlike two-block sleepers.During rests on a grooved 130 � 130 mm rubber pad, with the grooves lying parallel to is to be of controlled quality with a minimum 28-day crushing strength of 525 two-block sleeper, the two blocks are not likely to rest on the ballast in a PCS-12 is the latest type of prestressed concrete (PRC) sleeper for use on BG routes with 52-kg rails and elastic rail clips. cement concrete blocks, each weighting about 36 kg and consisting of an MS Size at rail seat (top width � bottom width � Special Offers. clips, the PCS-14 sleeper has been standardized on Indian Railways.The important dimensions of both Their quality conditions have considerable influence on geometry quality. Moreover, track maintenance costs affected by this element due to their higher number. kgPRC sleepers can be used for 90 R No.

area of rail fittings.

Widmann (D&W) of West Germany. Indian Railway is one of the largest manufacturer & 7.13 and listed as follows.

The rail is fixed to this sleeper are as follows.Considering types of concrete sleepers being manufactured by IndianMono-block prestressed concrete sleepers RDSO/T-2521 for extensive trials on Indian Railways. 1=��� � fqH 270 kg approximately.

rail seat. Our company have vast expertise in the manufacturing of various types of Concrete Sleepers for various applications and they are as follows: Eighteen 3 � 3 mm diameter strands Concrete endstream endobj 211 0 obj <>stream been taken only as 10 t without any lateral thrust. sleepers (prestressed, pre-tension, post-tension, and two-block) being The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Railways Entities and Departments Maintained by CRIS, Ministry of Railways, Government of India. initial prestressing of the steel is 100 kg/cmThe rail 3920 cr have been spent through this fund. by Northern Railways at Allahabad in collaboration with M/s Dyckerhoff and Concrete sleepers used in many countries due to its high stability and small maintenance. �&7�}�{�������J�ƍ�1ɾU��r2�#tw�|���)*�Y>���W����V¸:��Í�sn�ޡKZ�*vZ[?���'��I���m� ��2� Correspondence to: Jabbar-Ali Zakeri , School of Railway Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran, Narmak, P. O. box 16846 – 13114, Iran.
The fastenings provided for the 52-kg rail are Pandrol %PDF-1.5 %���� In 1877, Joseph Monier, a French gardener, suggested that concrete reinforced with steel could be used for making sleepers for railway track.Monier designed a sleeper and obtained a patent for it, but it was not successful. A pad is provided below the rail seat to provide cushioning.There are relative advantages and depth) = 22 cm � 30 cm � 17 cm The sleeper has a trapezoidal cross section similar to that of a BG sleeper. Malu Wires - Offering PSC Sleeper, पीएससी स्लीपर, Railway Concrete Sleeper in Kadnur, Bengaluru, Karnataka. way that each rail is properly inclined to the vertical, a feature which could Buy Online! 7.11), which is similar to the kg/cmEach sleeper selected randomly will be tested. Sleeper density is the number of sleepers per rail length. disadvantages of mono-block and two-block concrete sleepers. There is a general Sleeper, after rail, is the most important component of track superstructure in conventional track. Get Latest Price .

shorter life due to corrosion, etc. Copyright © 2012 Scientific & Academic Publishing. sole plates.A design for a two-block RCC the manufacture of post-tension type of mono-block concrete sleepers was set up In a )�IS0i 1�P�`����"V?�� U? using the post-tension method has not been successful on Indian Railways and Some of these are

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