Sandals and suntans mark the Scandinavians. Reading about that bit about Scandinavians is somehow hilarious. Cause the cradle walks are next on my list along with backpacking through SEA and maybe maybe not NZNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA dusty corner on the internet where you can chew the fat about Australia and Australians.Press J to jump to the feed. Take Bright, in Victoria, for example. The result is you are starting to get more Chinese travelling outside of groups in smaller numbers. I'm pretty sure I saw more of them then I did actual Australians/New ZealandersThis makes me think the op has made the classical mistake of thinking that only white people are aussies/kiwis and every other ethnicity is a 'tourist'.I was thinking that might have been one of the possibilities too.Yeah I meant around the city area. One person said he/she was surprised at the sheer amount of tourists that he/she saw (I'm from Sydney by the way, and only been to goldcoast, other handful of places around NSW and Canberra.
Picture: Julie Tattam“I ran down to look and it was a blue-ringed octopus! Picture: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images Source:Getty Images (Luckily with the shell to protect her),” she wrote.Ms Tattam said the octopus then crawled back into a nearby rock pool.The mother and daughter had been snorkelling at Salmon Haul beach in Sydney’s south, a spot popular with locals near Cronulla Beach.“I was so worried (in fact I am still shaking with ‘what ifs’) so I googled them,” she said, before listing some of the terrifying facts about the toxicity of the sea creature’s venom.“We were a good 15 (minute) walk from the car and then another 15-20 (minute) drive from the hospital,” Ms Tattam wrote. Yeah I was about to add that too. I highly doubt they'd come near us, unless they had friends living around in the suburbs.

And the tourists often travel in unruly packs of super-loud people.Tourists go to touristy areas and see other tourists.and locals like me go to local areas and see other locals.. i guess.the number of Chinese/Asian tourists (not trying to be racist) holy shit, they are everywhere. One person said he/she was surprised at the sheer amount of tourists that he/she saw ().This had me thinking though, cause I don't know if I'm just completely oblivious to my surroundings, or just that I grew up in a multicultural society that I didn't notice this. There were always tourists in the major cities/environmental places (eg. Picture: u/azymarisA tourist visiting Australia has unknowingly had a brush with death after filming themselves handling a very dangerous creature.One Reddit user claimed the Mandarin writing on the video says: “Such a beautiful octopus.”The video shows the person shaking the octopus to get it off after they were done filming it.Luckily they put the octopus back in the water before it had a chance to sting them.The tourist had no idea how dangerous the octopus was.
You are right, where there are lots of tourists, it is easy to notice them. Good times for the tourism sector...can be hard to distinguish from overseas studentsOverseas students don't stop and look at buildings. Chinese "tourists" can be hard to distinguish from overseas students.But tourists are mainly in a few main areas with shops and trams and restaurants. A TOURIST visiting Australia had unknowingly had a brush with death after filming themselves handling a very dangerous creature. It's great that tourism here is picking up, even along through the small costal towns we have. I see them and then go back to ignoring them. Cradle Mountain), but it seems that it's more and more mature/elderly people who visit down here. China on Tuesday declined to provide details about the detention of an Australian journalist working as an anchor for state TV who has been detained for at least two weeks without charge.

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