The drag-down method is used by most players on PUBG Mobile and Emulator as well to make sure they have full control over their gun and have the best chances of getting their enemies with one auto spray. While you probably have to use the gun in full auto in short range, it is best to switch into single fire in medium – long range fights. Crouch and shoot. This the recommended option to control recoil in PUBG Mobile if you want to get better at the game quickly. Players can use it to control recoil to a great extent.

Guns like M416 and Scar-L have relatively less recoil than AKM and Beryl M762. Many weapons in PUBG Mobile have less recoil, and are best for beginners. Zero Recoil Sensitivity for pubg mobile. When a player crouches or peeks, the gun's recoil decreases drastically, and it helps a player to spray more accurately on an enemy.You must have read this line a lot: Practice Makes A Man Perfect.

So, if you are new to the game, you can go for these guns and enjoy your battle royale experience.

A guide on how to control the recoil of AKM like a pro and climb higher in ranked matches of PUBG Mobile. Here are some of the best sensitivity settings for players to control recoil in various guns.

Zero Recoil PUBG Mobile Settings for Gyroscope Tips And Tricks For Recoil Controlling in PUBG Mobile. Now, let’s take a look at points we covered in this article. These settings can be changed according to a player's preference.The last trick in this list is equipping yourself with the appropriate gun.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most-popular battle royale games in the gaming market. If you want to master recoil control, you must spend time in the training ground.

The game requires various skills to become better., and one important factor that goes into making you a pro is controlling recoil of guns. High Frame rate.

The compensator would decrease the recoil a little so that you would be able to combat in close quarters.You can control AKM’s trajectory by the drag-down method – dragging the free-look finger down slightly while shooting. In this article, we will take a look at the 6x scope in PUBG Mobile and how to control its recoil.

Image Credit: Artstation. While it might  what you’d have expected, the AKM is pretty much the same as the AK 47 in other games – crazy damage with the cost of high recoil.It takes a lot of practice to control the recoil of AKM, however, with great effort comes great results – the AKM can beat any other AR in a 1 vs 1 battle if you managed to hit your spray.In this article, we would focus on the gun’s characteristics, attachment setups and recoil control method.Overall, the AKM has the slowest fire rate, shortest range, and lowest stability as drawbacks of its high damage. Recently Tencent Games as the publisher of PUBG Mobile released an Android emulator specifically for Read more… Best pubg sensitivity settings mobile. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? In this article, we have discussed some of the best tricks to control recoil in PUBG Mobile.Guns in PUBG Mobile have different recoil rates, as some guns have less recoil, while other are difficult to handle. I am going to share with you some PUBG Mobile gaming improvement tips that will help you in control recoil and then I will share with you the best Secret PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings. Modernized Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle) - an improvement of the original AK 47.

Enumerating the optimum sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile for a smoother game-play. Then, No one can stop your recoil control.

Step 1. With these settings, you can control the recoil in a much better manner. Best Sensitivity Settings for Pubg Mobile no Recoil 2020. AKM having higher damage makes it even more compelling to have full control over the auto mode firing to take down enemies wearing level 3 armor and helmet. Most pro players use gyroscope to handle recoil in their guns.Sometimes, players have bad sensitivity settings, which makes it difficult to control recoil in PUBG Mobile. 2.2 / 5 ( 4 votes ) Tencent’s Android emulator lets you play mobile games on your PC or laptop.

Best tricks to control recoil in PUBG Mobile #1 Crouch shoot or peek shoot. Copyright © 2020 - All rights reserved.

In single mode, this gun is pretty much a makeshift sniper rifle, as the gun has the highest headshot damage out of all AR – you can kill an opponent with level 3 helmet after 2 headshots.For the AKM, a compensator and a decent scope are a must, as you would probably use it in medium/long range sniping anyway.

You can practice with different grips and perform many drills to improve your skills in the game.PUBG Mobile provides players with the option to use gyroscope to control their movements and do various things in the game. 6x scope in PUBG Mobile. , lit. The sensitivity settings of Gyroscope should be the same as the sensitivity settings of ADS Sensitivity.

Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile android.

Sensitivity settings for the AKM: No Scope: 80%, Red Dot/Holo/Aim Assist/2x: 60%, 3x: 36%, 4x: 20%, 6x: 18%, 8x: 8%. The same applies to PUBG Mobile. Please check out this post for

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