The Soviets don't declare war in Japan on Aug 8. months after the war in Europe is over and only under pressure and due to agreements made earlier. Any casualty estimates?The general consensus seems to be the Soviet invasion would be a successful, but at a brutal cost. Discussing the Invasion of Hokkaido in 1945 seems pointless considering they surrendered in August and any realistic invasion would take place afterwards. However, following occupation of the Dutch East Indies and French Indochina by Japan, the UK declares war on Japan. The Soviet Pacific Fleet had essentially zero amphibious capability, the only way they could have landed in Hokkaido in fall 1945 was to pull freighters/passenger ships up to a regular pier, and they would have a very limited ability to unload vehicles, let alone armor, from these ships to a dock unless there were working cranes (and personnel to work them) where they pulled in.

They, like pretty much anyone in the world short of USMC, simply lack the sufficient amphibious and airborne assault assets to put strong enough soldiers on the ground in a short time period. However, I cannot personally verify this information as the sources are all in Russian.TL;DR I am in need of information on the planned Soviet invasion of Hokkaido and what the aftermath would be. Without America as a driver, fighting in both Europe and the Pacific, I'm not sure those agreements come to exist.The Soviets just can't invade Hokkido without American help, at least in a reasonable time span.

I am aware that the USSR had plans for an amphibious assault on the small port of Rumoi.

Asia, a similar chain of events as to OTL occurs. All I have been able to find was various tidbits on online forums and deep within Wikipedia articles.Quite essentially, I found this quote from a Wikipedia on the Soviet 87th Rifle Corps.At the end of August 1945, the 87th RC moved from Harbin in its entirety (264th, 342nd, 355th RD) and began redeployment to Sakhalin for the purpose of concentrating the troops for the planned landing operation on the island of Hokkaido.At 0830 on 22 August 1945 the 355th RD of the 87th RC was taken out of the 1st Far-Eastern Front reserve and transported by the convoy VKMA-1 from Vladivostok to the port of Maoka (now Kholmsk of South-Sakhalin region), arriving at 1600 on 25 August 1945.By 27 August 1945 the landing operation on was Hokkaido postponed, and then completely abandoned.On 2 September 1945 the transportation of the 87th Rifle Corps to Sakhalin island was completed.May I remind you, the completion of transport waas, by that time, well after the Japanese surrender, Soviet invasion of Manchuria, and bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The problem with Hokkaido’s defense was its size, which was as big as the whole of Tohoku and Niigata prefectures combined. However, civilian resistance against their communist occupiers is vicious. The Soviet invasion of Shumshu Island did not occur until August 18th for intance, with some portions of the island not being occupied until August 28th. JavaScript is disabled. "In the midst of a virulent Japanese-Soviet dispute over the Habomai Islands, occupied by the Soviets since the end of World War Two, the Soviet intelligence-collection vessel Khariton Laptev has been hit and sunk with heavy loss of life by a Japanese SSM-1 missile fired by a coastal defense battery along the Nemuro Strait, separating the Japanese island of Hokkaido from the Soviet Kuriles. Japan rules the Pacific and has had several years to consolidate its position. Constructive criticism is more than welcome:)New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. The world would soon watch the Nagasaki bombing only three days afterward. The fortification of the Shibetsu area had not been completed, and the defense of the Nemuro area was considered hopeless because of the flat terrain. Without American involvement Japan still has probably the 3rd largest navy in the world and maybe the second by 1945. So, this was always the scenario that the Japanese feared during the cold war. As a community, we should compile such into a Wikipedia article or something similar.this was decided against because it would have broken the Potsdam Agreement and antagonized the Western powers.Huh? On August 8, the Soviet Union declared war on the Japanese Empire. And USSR actually planned to do so. Against the USSR as their alliance commitment dictated. They simply do not have the navy to do it. What would the numbers of this attack been? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any basis for examination uses examples of Japanese defenders who had spent the past two-three weeks disarming and deserting when confronted with 'surprise' Soviet amphibious assaults. Animosity towards the Japanese government grew as people starved in the streets.America negotiates as a third-party and Japan, under the condition the Japanese Imperial Family is protected from execution, Japan surrenders to the Brits and soon the Soviets Union. By late 1945 the Japanese rail system had been destroyed, with much of Hokkaido's rolling stock having been shipped south in a vain effoert to replace losses on Honshu and Kyushu, and the rest open to air attack by Soviet ground attack forces (say what you will about Soviet heavy bombers, even fighters, although they get something of a bad rap, but the ground attack pilots were 1st rate). England is too war weary and taxed to build a navy and support it on the far side of the world against Japan.This is what the U.S. had to build in order to defeat Japan:On VJ-Day in September 1945, the U.S. Navy boasted 408 surface combatants, 110 aircraft carriers, 203 submarines, and some ninety thousand auxiliaries, landing craft, and small craft.

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