vi., ed. Yeah I should be able to pick it up from the CD. If you are looking at piece of music that is lively and clocks in at under two minutes, it's much more likely to be a version of the reel, whereas the ballad tends to take a good deal longer to perform, and varies in liveliness from quite melodic to fast folk rock.

There are 97 recordings of this tune. "Yes, Ragaman, that’s what I meant. No amount of sight reading skills prevent your listening skills from developing, you’re as capable as anyone else.This very appropriate discussion just popped up……..I’d like to share the way I’ve been playing it.

I Transposed int to Bminor and it sound terrific on flute and tin whistle.

They sounded neat, but I am not able to find them anywhere. I feared to touch my tin whistle, for I was paralysed with awe. After some time I asked him myself to play it. Caught me entirely off guard when said whistle player led it - it’s so ingrained in my consciousness as a fiddle tune that I didn’t recognize it on the whistle at first.yep the F whistle. And it sidesteps the technicalI’m amazed you all like this tune so much. If you have an Fnat key (either long or short works), it’s not too bad, and it gives good (rare) practice on the Bb.

As such you would probably be better with a D whistle than a C whistle in that case.another surprise ~ I just clicked on "The Galway" & see it’s posted as a hornpipe.
Would that do?This is probably one of those questions where everyone will have a different answer, but I’ll ask anyway.

Next best option might be a C whistle, but that could be a lot harder.Is there any reason that you wouldn’t use the relative major whistle when playing in a minor key?I’ve heard it on an F whistle. I suspect it has something to do with the missing notes in the tablature.

Steeleye Span : The Old Maid In The Garrett / Tam Lin (Reel) A. H. Murray, E.E.T.S., p.68 (excerpted in: " like the tune but if anyone has a chord sequence then could they email it to me ~Bother to read the comments and you might find what you require.Johnny Murphy plays a version of the glasgow reel which doesn’t appear to be the same as the one on this site. There is also a well-known and lively reel called Tam Lin, less directly related to the story. I have omitted bagpipe embellishments, leaving these to the personal choice of other pipers, though I have written my own version in two settings, one complicated, the other simple.Here is my version of Tam Lin (available for free download):In my opinion the Drowsy Maggie tune sounds good right before the Tam Lynn’s!a transcription from the playing of Davey Arthur the composer of the tuneHere’s a setting that I think works well on the flute. I don’t know the title, but I’ve posted it as "Reel to Follow Tamlin" until someone can come up with the name……actually, it’s posted as "Gan Ainm", reel in d minor.I don’t mean to play one-upmanship here, so please don’t ban me from the site, but I’d like to share the version we play here in Helena. About 'Tam Lin (The Glasgow Reel)' Artist: Traditional Melody: The Artist: Traditional Music of unknown author.

With two fiddles you can get some great harmony on the "B" part. Yes to play it in Am on the whistle you have to half-hole a few F naturals but this is not difficult to do.Hey just woundering if anyone could tell me what key the tamlin is in?? Well, He played it thousands of times with his first band, the late Tamalin, and he has a trauma! It is also associated with a reel of the same name, also known as the Glasgow Reel. Why? Good playing, Alan, and it doesn’t sound bad at all.If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can If you don’t have the time to spell it out for me that’s fine, I don’t blame you, maybe you could just give me the proper term to search for, as ‘angry eyebrow’ isn’t doing me much good in google.Ah, thanks.

I learned this tune with, and have heard most players play, this on the A part:GPaddy O’Brian (Accordeon) gives himself credit for renaming the "Tam Lin" to The "Howling Wind" because of the sound of it….. could anyone possibly direct me to Tam Lin reel in the key of Bm.
Tam Lin reel. If you play it using Bm fingerings on an F Flute or Whistle it sounds in the usual key of Dm.this is mt fav tune of all time along with Les ChicaneauxI love this tune. Thanks.The composition of "Tamlin…The Glasgow Reel" is listed as one of Davey Arthur’s accomplishments on LinkedIn:Very late into this one. Kolodner describes the set (The Green Gates/ Tam Lin/ The Silver Spire) as "three well-known Irish session reels." Play it ABAB so that the A doesn’t get too repetitive.I’m trying to learn this tune in Dm on tenor banjo and I’m having a bit of trouble. But it’s a pretty simple tune to learn and sounds impressive, so it’s great for a session when you’re trying to keep everyone together — changing the key up makes it sound a little more impressive, so it’s great to motivate a beginner with.Hey, it’s not my fault that whoever composed the tune didn’t use the right number of sharps! Since it was difficult to play all the F natural on the tin whistle I changed it into B minor. I knew it was by Davey Arthur and know it as "Tam Lin" which (rightly or wrongly) was said to be a corruption of Tamberlaine. Nice tune anyhow. When asked about her condition, she declares that her baby's father is an She asks him whether he was ever human, either after that reappearance or, in some versions, immediately after their first meeting resulted in her pregnancy. I’m trying for the driving rhythm of GS’s fiddle on my whistle but can’t seem to get it right.

There’s a reel that works very well when you run Tam Lin into it.

I’ve added this one to my tunebook.Actually, I agree with you, Jeremy — I think it IS a bit of a cheap trick. Also known as

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