That is the main reason I use her as evolving material.Nemesis is a Dark Knight – the highest tier of the knights from the Grand Duchy of Delcart. When Verdandi was young, Helena found her abandoned in the forest and brought her to the elven village. Magical affinity is quite rare in military families, and her rare talent earned her honor and respect in the Grand Duchy. If there are 2 or more targets, ultimate inflict 30% additional damage. Equip her with 3 sets of Rune of Revenge and watch enemies falling under Sharon charms.Chavi is a shy mage who studies at the magic Academy in the Grand Duchy of Delcart. Her first skill inflicts 100% of ATK to the single target and has 60% chance to apply Poison for 1 turn which does 30% of ATK per turn. Inflicts damage equal to 100% of ATK to 1 target. Tarkus is playable during some missions in the Extra Battle mode, with either his helmet on or off. Her second skill strikes 3 targets for 110% of ATK and has 60% chance to apply Fuse on 1 target for 6 turns (this Fuse inflicts 300% of ATK and both ally and enemy turns are counted towards the Fuse duration). Also, first skill grants him 40% chance to increase the target’s Elemental Disadvantages by 20% for 1 turn. "Curse of the Black Knight" ... 26–29. Upon death, Mina is granted one Revive with 30% of HP restored per Foxfire Globe. Abel may seem as a typical support character in Knights Chronicle but his Butterfly Wing ability is a battle changer especially when level 60 talent is learned. Since they had no one else in their lives, they depended on each other and grew up together as best friends. Along with Tarkus, Bruford was formerly a powerful knight from 16th Century Great Britain. Lionel’s ultimate infuses all allies with Strike Preparation (granted Critical Strike on next Attack) and grants Focused Power which increases the damage of all single-target attacks by 35% for 2 turns. Erin is not the hero you want in your squad. Her passive grants her 80% chance to Charm a target for 1 turn when Counterattacking. His first skill inflicts 55% of ATK to 3 targets and has a 30% chance to apply Fanatic status on each target. Chrono’s ultimate strikes all enemies for 120% of ATK and has 20% chance to increase each enemy skill cooldown by 1 turn. As a zombie, his hatred carried over, easily serving As a knight, Bruford is supposedly a good fighter. Predator status increases the damage done by 80%. After that, the foxes retreated to Glamour Woods and lived in seclusion. However, whenever she receives a request from the Grand Duchy, she does her job flawlessly.

Her second skill penetrates the single target for 200% of ATK and has 50% chance to cause Bleed. Her second skill strike all enemies for 80% of her ATK, has 50% chance to charm each target and grants Queen Bee status to Maya for 2 turns. Every time Isabelle is attacked 1 Gold Sack is consumed and the damage Isabelle receive is decreased by 5% per Gold Sack. Every Hot-blooded Instinct grants Taiyo additional 25% Critical chance but after successful critical strike all Hot-blooded Instincts are consumed. Untamed nature increases ATK by 10% for 2 turns and increases Multistrike and Counterattack chance by 80% for 2 turns (can stack up to 5 times). He practically removes the targeted enemy from combat with each strike. Her first skill inflicts 100% of ATK to the single target and has 30% chance to Shock (Shock does 30% of ATK per turn) target for 2 turns. His first skill inflicts 100% of ATK and an additional 25% of ATK per Buster Sphere to the single target. Edwin is a cunning assassin with high ATK and low HP. His first skill inflicts 100% of ATK to the single target. Meril is master of Fire and close friend to Mina and Clarice and she is a good addition to your roster.Mina is a Spirit Fox who hopes to grow more tails as she gets stronger. In addition to wielding Maiden magic, her primary weapon is Midnight, a pair of swords made from obsidian glass.Cinder Fall is a Fire Attack Hero whose leadership skill increases Fire allies ATK by 40%. With his charisma and his ability to command large groups of people, he is naturally suited to lead other knights. On level 60 she gains the ability to makes all allies immune to abnormal effects for 1 turn after using her ultimate. Her odd charms have made many a man abandon his family and while away his fortune on her. His passive ability grants him 1 Sword Resolution whenever he is attacked or using a skill.

His second skill increases all allies’ ATK by 20% for 2 turns and also increases Ronin’s Critical Strike chance by 30% for 2 turns. His passive ability grants him a 30% chance to awaken Untamed Nature when the enemy recovers HP. Karen is a good healer especially when her level 60 talent is unlocked.

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