If his/her answer matched the original answer After the two questions, Bert read a mini-multiple choice question called a "Tattletale Quickie", in which each spouse in turn would answer the question. A ticket stub to a 1975 taping proclaims: Tattletales starring Bert Convy and celebrity couples. Four questions (sometimes more in case of extra time) were asked (with the roles reversed after the first two) and the final question was worth double. Tattletales aired on CBS weekday afternoons from 1974 through 1978. Joyce went on to marry playwright Neil Simon, whom she also survived and unfortunately after that last year (in 2019) He Died and Miss Joyce is Widowed The 3rd Time as of 2020.

Bert Convy is your host." Was Tattletales originally to be for married celebrity couples only? The three "Rooting sections" (one-third of the studio audience, divided into the colors of Cash prizes on game shows are typically awarded to contestants in the form of a check, mailed weeks after a show has been taped. An Australian version aired on the Seven Network as A Brazilian version ran on SBT from 1975 to 1986 under the name 1974 – Edd Kalehoff (two unused think cues from this version were recycled into Mark Goodson & Bill Todman - based off of a previous show called The 1977-78 syndicated version never aired on GSN, possibly because Bob and Ginny Newhart didn't want their appearances cleared, and they were on several episodes of the syndicated version. TV Guide ad for the inaugural season declared: "Famous stars and their spouses swap marital secrets on the new game show 'Tattletales,' fun way to get in the know: Watching contestants trying to get in the money by outguessing celebrities and their mates about their innermost secrets. Some "couples" on the show weren't couples at all, most notably

This was actually Ross' real-life nickname: As Convy explained in an early episode, Ross was known for leaving restaurants before waiters could bring the check. After each spouse gave an answer, the isolated mate gave his/her own answer, and if they matched, they won $100 for their rooting section. Bert read a question to the spouses sitting at the desk. As … The isolated mates' monitors would then be turned on and Bert would then repeat the question followed by the clue. Tattletales was the game of celebrity gossip. I ask that because it was later in the series when there were episodes with celebrity couples who were boyfriend/girlfriend, celeb/fiance, mother/son, or in the case of Charles Nelson Reilly it was CNR and platonic friend. The latter was still a touchy subject at the time, and while host Bert Convy traditionally introduced his guests as 'her husband' or 'his wife,' he would alter the lead-in for unmarried couples by referring to them as 'her fella' and 'his gal.'

First, either the wives or husbands would go offstage and wear headphones; their spouses would remain on stage. The show went through two formats. Bert Convy nicknamed the audience in the yellow seats the 'banana section' based on its tendency to overenthuse during shooting. Tattletales is an American game show produced by Goodson-Todman Productions.The program had two runs on the CBS daytime schedule between February 1974 and June 1984. Celebrity couples have included other game show hosts such as Bob Barker, Bill Cullen, Monty Hall, Wink Martindale, Jack Narz, Gene Rayburn, and Chuck Woolery. Frequent guest Joyce Bulifant appeared on the show with then husband Edward Mallory. According to certain celebrities (the Berrys and McLeods), they also get paid for their appearance and it's based on how well they do.

The game was played in two halves: in each half, one half of the couples (all of the same sex) wore headphones, sat in an enclosed room on the left side of the set, and were being viewed by television monitors; the other half sat behind the playing desk in front of the audience. The show itself was a reboot of a short-lived Goodson-Todman game show called He Said She Said. In 1976 there was a special game show host episode.

Goodson-Todman did this to save on postage as most payments to contestants were sent out by postal mail. Via closed circuit TV, the sequestered spouses would be asked a question about marriage, sex, or other embarrassing questions, then be left to ponder it.

Host Bert Convy was known for frequently tongue-twisting his words during the reading of the questions, which often led to good-natured ribbing from his celebrity guests.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. She is now married to another frequent guest, Roger Perry since 2002, who appeared with his then wife Jo Anne Worley. Bean would go on to remarry actress Alley Mills of "The Wonder Years" fame. During the run of the show, Convy, Ross and his wife, Patti Deutsch, made frequent mention of Ross' frugality. True to its title, the celebrity guests often ended up revealing private aspects of their lives on national television, from Roxanne Carter's steamy history as a Vegas showgirl to Dick Gautier's wife Barbara Stuart counting Frank Sinatra among her past lovers to Anne Meara admitting that she suffered from oral herpes. During one of Ken Berry and Jackie Joseph's appearances on the show, it was revealed that Jackie dated host Bert Convy prior to Berry during the 1959 Broadway run of "The Billy Barnes Revue," in which all three of them appeared. The show was once satirized in a first season episode of the Canadian sketch-comedy show called TattleTales’ closing logo and copyright notice from the 1984 series finaleTake your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bob Barker hosted and Bert Convy took a seat with his wife Anne. Three celebrity couples were panelists. CBS picked it up again for a second run from 1982 through 1984. Years later, in his autobiography, Orson Bean revealed that he and Carolyn were highly experimental in their marriage, and that Carolyn's ever-expanding sexual liberation ultimately spelled the end of their marriage. On TattleTales, celebrity couples talked about their lives together, as well as some of their hobbies, their lifestyles, and maybe would even reveal some dirty little secrets. Bert Convy hosted both runs except for shows where he appeared as part of a celebrity couple with his wife Anne.

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