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The Committee is therefore of the view that, for the time being, the respective functions of the two Units should be performed under one umbrella, by one consolidated unit, under the supervision of one Principal Officer (D-1), to be supported by staff with the required political and/or security sector-related expertise. This marketing technique is universally known in the marketing industry by the acronym BOGOF.to attempt or take on a task that is way to big and beyond I wonder if that craftsman will be able to fulfil the three commitments he took on at the same time; in my opinion he bites off more than he can chew! → umbrella Examples from the Corpus (come/work etc) under the umbrella of something • Finally, war … From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. : I've got itchy feet = I'd like to travel Be warned. expression originating from and widely used in software industry; the practice is also known as "dogfooding"[Slang] One's OTP is a couple one is emotionally invested in.[Fig.];[Fam.] What is the spiritual meaning of an umbrella? Suggest new translation/definition Found 1997 sentences matching phrase "under one umbrella".Found in 23 ms. ex. Under the umbrella of this maxim, a wide variety of what could be called non-realist interpretations of religious belief have flourished. 1 prep If a person or thing is under something, they are at a lower level than that thing, and may be covered or hidden by it....swimming in the pool or lying under an umbrella..., Under a wide shelf that holds coffee jars stands a pile of magazines..., She buried her head under the covers, pretending to be asleep..., A path runs under the trees. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Showing page 1. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. In Indian symbolism, the umbrella is seen as a shade that protects against the “heat” of suffering problems, challenges, and harm. Search under one umbrella and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Cookies help us deliver our services. 1 : a collapsible shade for protection against weather consisting of fabric stretched over hinged ribs radiating from a central pole especially : a small one for carrying in the hand. directed by, governed by, inferior to, junior to, reporting to, secondary to, subject to, subordinate to, subservient tobelonging to, comprised in, included in, subsumed underbelow, beneath, down, downward, lower, to the bottomaccede, acquiesce, capitulate, give in, give way, submit, succumb, surrender, yieldhold out (against), kick up (a fuss or stink), rebel, resistafoot, begun, going on, in business, in motion, in operation, in progress, startedEnglish Collins Dictionary - English synonyms & Thesaurus1. What does under one roof expression mean? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.The Committee is therefore of the view that, for the , by one consolidated unit, under the supervision of to be supported by staff with the required political and/or security sector-related expertise.We've put $70 million into bringing the three research institutes here in Canada - FERIC [Forest Engineering Research and Paprican [Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada] - all together the GCO and the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP) should be regrouped – UN-Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality women and girls was established in 2011, harmonizing From the start we wanted to offer a genuinely comprehensive, one-stop solution to the different communication needs of our clients: not only translation and interpreting, but cultural briefings, copy writing, editing, research... all done The current initiatives on development of gender statistics and those planned for the future by the regional organizations, programme, known as the African Programme on Gender Statistics.▪ B. Mabberly indicated that one stressor under the current HAs have to obtain it on their own; it would be nice to acquire it partners for support whenever appropriate- were best positioned to lead the processinternational partners for support whenever appropriate — were best positioned to lead the process.Acting on the Commission's proposal for a framework the energy sector (1998-2002) aimed at bringing together effective and compatible with the priority objectives and ensuring closer coordination with energy measures taken under other Community policies, on 14 December the Council adopted the framework decision (Table II) and a series of related specific programmes:The conclusions recognized that the current proliferation of initiatives must be streamlined and brought John Mulcahy outlined how important EU funding is to the success of the project and the significance of the participation of the six SME partners for getting the table-top prototype to market: 'The transnational nature of FP7 Collaborative projects such as to bring together leading microscopists, spectroscopists and biologists beside industry leaders, to develop a new nanoscope almost all of the vital services and information that employees need in Its unique structure includes regional differences access to the know-how of three specialist companies : TECLYSE and MECADIGIT are specialized in electrodeposition on new surface functionalities based on organic-inorganic hybrid nano-coatings.The Franklin Institute continued awarding the Elliott Cresson Medal, also known as the Elliott Cresson work in science until 1998 when they reorganized their endowed awards A European consortium integrated small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the fact that it brings individual funds and programmes together the new Educational Outreach Section, The UN Works programme, partnerships with the such as those for non-governmental organizations, as well as special programmes and observances, exhibits, guided tours, the work of the United Nations speakers' bureau and other services to the publicand beauty-wellness-facilities, traditional cure for rheumatical diseases and beauty programs: here you can find all project was destined to emphasise the importance of LEXEN-related research and integrate relevant European activities The Social Security Act # brought legislation relating to social security and established a social security scheme applicable to of whether they are employed in the public or private sectorthings that matter the most, Chrysler LLC will now bundle innovative consumer technologies

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