You can still help victims of crime across Canada by Join us for our Ottawa -based VIRTUAL Loss to Violence support group at the end of the May! Also find out about victim impact statements and community impact statements.Learn about how a victim can obtain information regarding an offender who has harmed them and about the role victims can play in the federal correctional and parole systems.Additional information and assistance for victims of crime.Videos, photo essays and written testimonials from those affected by crime.Learn about this independent resource for victims in Canada, and about the Federal Ombudsman’s role.Message from Karen McCrimmon, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency PreparednessInformation that victims of federal offenders are entitled to Message from Anne Kelly, Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada These assistance programs are generally offered by a variety of agencies, including police-based services, court-based services, community-based services, volunteers, or by non-governmental organizations or charitable organizations. The Department of Justice is aware of "spoof" calls that appear to be originating from one of our offices but are fraudulent. I suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder now and have depression as a result.

His actions saved my life that day, and that of my father and his housekeeper, who were visiting us at the time. Victims are not allowed to decide if an appeal is brought or not because the process is between the accused and the state.The victim can receive some information about an offender while that person is an offender if it is relevant to the victim's safety - for example, if the offender is released once a week for counselling. He bought a little bus and planned to operate tours for visitors to the island. Sedrick struggled with the men, allowing me to flee upstairs to call the police. Welcome to the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime Establishing the office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime marks another step by the Canadian Government to help better meet the needs of victims of crime in matters of federal jurisdiction. A victim may also choose to present this statement on audio, videotape, CD or DVD rather than verbally.To present a statement a victim must submit a written request to the A Victim Impact Statement may include information that is relevant to assessing the risk to society an offender presents.

Information for Victims of Crime Aboriginal Victim Services Fact Sheet Canadian Statement of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime The Correctional Plan Progress Report Correctional Service Canada (CSC) Victim Services At the government level, victim services in Canada are a shared responsibility between the federal and provincial governments.Federally, there are a number of departments and offices that offer specific types of information or assistance to all victims in Canada. When it becomes a reality, financial expenses and legal bills only add to such a stressful event.The Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime grant is available to help parents who have taken leave from their employment while they are dealing with their tragedy.For complete eligibility criteria and more detailed information about the Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime grant or to access the forms to apply for this income support grant, visit the The CRCVC has provided me with a lot of emotional support, which has been tremendously helpful. Commissioner Kelly: Hello, I'm Anne Kelly, Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada. Transcript for video - Commissioner Anne Kelly's address to victims of federal offenders: Victims and Survivors of Crime Week. Crime rates in Canada were reported at 5,334 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants with violent crime at 1,098 incidents and property crime at 3,245 incidents (per 100,000). The Jamaican police have not yet found these men or charged them with killing my beloved husband. The victim's physical well-being and psychological safety are considered equally important.The federal government and provinces work together on how victims are served. Canada In Canada, financial compensation for victims of violent or personal crimes is administered by the provinces, according to their own rules and standards. Victims' Rights in Canada Victims Fund . Talk to an information and referral counsellor or get more information by calling the 24/7 Victim Support Line at 1-888-579-2888, or 416-314-2447 in the Greater Toronto Area, or chat online Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that encourage the development of new approaches, promote access to justice, improve the capacity of service providers, foster the establishment of referral networks, and/or increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families. The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) is an independent advisory agency that provides advice to the Attorney General of Ontario on victims’ issues. All victims may exercise their rights under the CVBR while they are in Canada. Victims of crime can get a monetary benefit to acknowledge victimization, based on serious injuries directly suffered from the crime. One of the masked intruders chased me upstairs and kicked in the bathroom door, but he stopped when he heard a gunshot from downstairs.My husband Sedrick was killed that day and the men fled our home with a laptop. Even if the victim is not in harm's way, he or she could still be traumatized by seeing the offender shopping in the same neighbourhood. To read the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights in full, please visit the VOM offers victims of crime a chance to communicate with the offender who harmed them with the help of an experienced mediator to address the impacts caused by the crime. More information will be available at a later date. We were thrilled to finally be starting the next chapter in our lives, in Sedrick’s beloved homeland. serious injury benefit – for victims who are seriously injured as a direct result of crime, who require assistance to perform daily functions Victims' roles and rights in the criminal justice system Learn who is considered a victim of crime under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights and about their rights in the criminal justice system.

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