All Rights Reserved. The sound effects for the game are alright, they fit for the most part. $14.99. ". So, gameplay-wise, it plays like a hack ‘n slash. Visit the Store Page. The story seems very simple.

The graphics are usually 2D sprites on top of a 3D environment, like Dragon Quest VII, or the DS games. All rights reserved. Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v1.0 [ENGLISH] Fixed Files #1; Game Trainers & Unlockers: Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v20170731 +3 TRAINER; Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v1.2.1.0 +2 TRAINER; Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v1.0dc120728 +1 TRAINER; Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v1.21 +1 TRAINER; Ys: The Oath Of Felghana v1.21 +4 TRAINER popular-all ... Ys Oath in Felghana voice patch? Out of the whole franchise, I’ve played the first game, this game, Ark of Nepa-something, and Ys Seven.

It's the same engine after all. my subreddits. Anyone have a link to a working Japanese voice patch for this game? Also how the heck do I get the voices from EVO TitS the 3rd to work? So, this game is pretty awesome. Doesn’t matter, you get to fight giant monsters. jump to content. The original PC version followed suit and got a worldwide release in 2012. This only makes sense since Oath in Felghana was made using the engine for that game. The music, though, is awesome. Is there JP audio/voice acting for this game? All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 0 in Group Chat | View Stats. Fans of the action/adventure genre should also feel welcome with this game.

The game in general may be enjoyed by some Zelda fans. Overachiever not tracking my achievements.

Staff Note: This patch is too large to host at RHDN. For Ys: The Oath in Felghana on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So how are you guys enjoying the english patch? It can be obtained from the author’s website. The PlayStation Portable version of the game, which XSEED released outside of Japan in 2010, had English voice acting. Most popular community and official content for the past week. This is the Italian translation for the beautiful action-JRPG game “Ys - The Oath in Felghana”.

I don’t know if I’d recommend this version over the PSP one, but there seems to be a few differences such as blood sticking to floors, no voice acting, a mode where you can use weapons in towns.

Even in your multiplayer! (self.Falcom) submitted 1 year ago * by RepliCant9. Patch français d'Ys the Oath in Felghana Maybe the same guy who added the Japanese/English voice tracks of the PSP version of Ys The Oath in Felghana to the PC version of that game, can do the same here though.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana. RPG fans might also enjoy it, but it requires a lot more twitch-reflexes than RPGs demand, so be warned. Imagine what Zelda would be without dungeon items (although that’s not absent) and a level up system. ©2005-2020 RHDN 3.0.0 by Nightcrawler.

All told, this new version is nice, and the voice acting and swappable PC-98/X68000 soundtraacks (beauty!) After a while, you realize that something bad’s happening and you go around trying to fix what’s wrong, and in doing so, uncover hidden motives and lift curses and other hero-y, adventure-y stuff. Issue unlocking Black Pikkard Battle whyd they go and get furries mixed up in this? Hacks | Megaman plus Limited v.01 (Darkwing Duck Hack)Corrected intro text punctuation for the XexeX arcade game in Karakuri World.Populated the Specific Information field with details. If there’s an Ys game that you should play, it’s probably this one. Fans of the hack ‘n slash genre might like this.

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